Why We Can’t Judge Yung Miami’s Journey To Love
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Why We Can’t Judge Yung Miami’s Journey To Love

Money complicates love more than the average person realizes.

I’m serious.

And it’s not an excuse, but it’s real.

Every day, I see people on the world wide web debating about a celebrity relationship (or *cough* situationship)—the deal breakers, the multiple children, the reasons to leave. And every day I wonder why. High-profile relationships don’t possess the same criteria for us common folk and in most cases, the rules that the ultra-rich play by in matters of the heart, just simply aren’t a part of “our” game.

Like many of us, growing up, I was always led to believe, “Men are only as faithful as their options,” or “All men cheat.

Being married now, I’ve learned that the “rules” of marriage aren’t always (or ever) as black and white as society makes it seem, so of course, I know better, but even in experience, balancing what we’ve learned and experienced with what we are led to believe, is a struggle. And over time, I’ve realized that this is because we’re all just women with different experiences, in different seasons of our lives, trying to collectively block out the noise, and figure this love shit out for ourselves.

For example, superstar City Girl, Yung Miami, has been linked to mega-producer, executive, and artist Sean ‘P. Diddy Puff Daddy Diddy Love’ Combs. He’s 24 years her senior, the exact age of his youngest son, and about $990 million her senior at the bank. His wealth has afforded him a lifestyle filled with directness and honesty that he gives to women that he dates, which is all we really want from our men, right ladies?


Recently, the starlet, who never shies away from a topic, dropped a nuclear bomb in the Twitterverse by saying:

The post sent social media into a frenzy, as she ultimately threw more gasoline on the fire by later going live on Instagram to publicly state that she’s also never getting married.

“I don’t want to get married ’cause I feel like men are not faithful,” Miami said. “If I get married, I’m giving my life away to you, and I’m going to be with you for the rest of my life. I take everything personal. If I’m with you and you step out on me, I’m never going to forgive you.”

She added, “If my husband cheats on me, I’m going to kill him. I’m going to bury you, because now I’m embarrassed, and I’m never going to look at you the same.”

And just in case there was any doubt of where she and Diddy stood, the "Twerk" rapper would also confirm that she is indeed "S-I-N-G-L-E" while at Rolling Loud. “I’m single, baby. What man you saw me with?” She added in the interview. “Yeaaah, yeah. I’m single S-I-N-G-L-E. Baby.”

Yung Miami sure knows how to get the gworls talking, but keep in mind these comments are coming from the vantage point of a woman who:

  • Frequently says she’s single but is also publicly linked to a very powerful man that, although they harbor an obvious sexual attraction to each other, their body language and energy tell the story that they actually like each other.
  • Has a brand that is intertwined with his--her massively popular show, Caresha Please being housed on his REVOLT Network, which he previously visited as a guest on the show.
  • Has served as the Bonnie to the Clyde of a rich man with no traditional approach to public romance, thus, taking on the ridicule that comes along with accepting his lifestyle, while still managing and checking the flooding emotions that develop in the process.
  • And lastly, has over-stated that their arrangement is their business, and they are just having fun in the process.

In the past, Miami has been linked to producer Southside, who she has a daughter with, and Diddy has famously had 7 children with four women (including an infant Love Sean Combs born sometime during his situation with Yung Miami) and was previously in a long-term relationship with Cassie for over ten years. And it may have taken Cassie a little time, but she eventually found love and a family with a man that adores her.

So, we can’t judge a woman’s journey to love. Sure, there may be variables that position one situation in a different tax bracket, but at the end of the day, we all want our person. One of my favorite things about womanhood is that as we mature, we unapologetically learn to check whatever isn’t serving us anymore. And most importantly, what we require from others evolves too.

Right now, all I see is a young rich, beautiful, and poppin' woman denouncing marriage because she loves hard, so she requires for her person to match her energy. And she’ll find exactly that.

But until then, as a woman, give her grace. Hell, give us all grace. We may have our individual journeys, but we’ll find our love.

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