Jumping The Broom Soon? Shop With These Black-Owned Wedding Vendors

Jumping The Broom Soon? Shop With These Black-Owned Wedding Vendors

David's Bridal is cool and all, but planning a wedding with all Black-owned vendors is a different kind of flex and xoNecole has a comprehensive guide to jumping the broom and investing in your community at the same damn time.

Although the pandemic has postponed a lot of our plans for 2020, newlywed couples across the country have shown us that love truly conquers all by finding new and innovative ways to jump the broom and we are here for all of it. This time has shown us has not only given us the opportunity to flex our creative muscles but to discover and spotlight Black-owned wedding vendors who have been doing the damn thing for years.

Along with a lengthy list of dress designers that will give you the ultimate drip on your big day, scroll below for 20+ more Black-owned wedding vendors that will help you plan the ceremony of your dreams:

Dress Designers & Boutiques:


Planners & Bridal Coaches:

Design, Decor, & Florals:

Stationary & Invites:

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​Tour Interior Designer Annisa LiMara's Organic Modern Meets Midcentury Modern ATL Abode

In xoNecole's series Dope Abodes, we tour the living spaces of millennial women, where they dwell, how they live, and the things they choose to adorn and share their spaces with.

Annisa LiMara has called this space her home for two years. Her Atlanta sanctuary, which she aimed to give the look and feel of something you'd see in the glossy pages of Architectural Digest, embodies her vision of "stunning, yet functional and cozy."

"My home is a reflection of my brand, The Creative Peach Studios, and I am the 'Creative Peach,'" Annisa explains. "It was so easy to reflect who I am and my personal story in my space. When you walk into my home, you know that it is Annisa’s home. I’m so proud of that. So grateful."


Embarking on a celibacy journey was a plot twist in my life that I never saw coming.