The Graphic Eyeliner Look Is The Ultimate Fall Beauty Trend
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The Graphic Eyeliner Look Is The Ultimate Fall Beauty Trend

As the saying goes, there is nothing new underneath the sun. So it comes as no surprise that something as groundbreaking as the graphic eyeliner look trend from a couple of years ago is making its rounds again as a must-try beauty trend for the fall season. Saying goodbye to the traditional thick-wit-it non-floating winged liner and hello to the new wave of if-it's-up-then-it's-up-then-it's-stuck eye makeup looks is the ultimate fall beauty move. It's the floating crease for us.

In a 2017 interview with Refinery29, makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes described the look as a "graphic, Twiggy-like line between your lash line and brow." She continued, "It's different from a cut crease in the way that it's graphic and simple, rather than heavily blended and layered"

And if our timelines have any say, the graphic eyeliner look is here to stay. Below are graphic eyeliner looks that have us clicking "save" for our future FOTDs.

Green Eyes

Writer, model, and all-around creative Yaminah Mayo took to her Instagram to flaunt a daring yet subtle rendition of the graphic eyeliner look.

Spiraling Out of Control

For one of her Spirit press days, actress Marsai Martin stunned with a simple white graphic eyeliner eye makeup look perfected by the talented Shannon Pezzetta. In a caption, the makeup artist deemed the style the "Fibonacci spiral."

The Eyes Have It

The eyes take center stage in this graphic look warned by the ever-talented and eye makeup queen, rapper Doja Cat.

Afro Blue

Keeping it electic, podcaster and NYC-based creative Jourdan Ash gave us everything and more with an electric blue shade that looks like it was made for her.

The New Classic

Forever keeping it classic while being on trend is actress Yara Shahidi. The starlet rocked a floating black cat eye in her barely-there makeup look by Nikki Wolff.

Green Eyes

Manchester-based content creator Samio opted for NYX Cosmetics' Epic Wear Liners in green and white to create this graphic eyeliner makeup look. Let's just say, we're green with envy.

Hot Like Fire

If you've never come across her content, get into it. Julia Rodrigues stuns her followers with dazzling looks and goes the extra mile when debuting eye makeup looks. The look above is literally flames.

Need to Know

Do you believe me now when I say Doja is an eye makeup queen? The "Kiss Me More" artist debuted this intricate graphic look on Instagram and we're in love.

21st Century Girl

In a cross between futuristic and sleek, actress Storm Reid donned a graphic eyeliner look created by makeup artist Pauly Blanch.

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Featured image by Rich Fury/Getty Images for dcp

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