Erykah Badu Wants You To Reclaim Your P*ssy: 'You Deserve It'
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Erykah Badu Wants You To Reclaim Your P*ssy: 'You Deserve It'

Last month, Erykah Badu launched her online marketplace, Badu World Market, and her premium vagina-scented incense sold out in less than 10 minutes, making her a true entrepreneurial pioneer. While Erykah may have secured one helluva bag, the singer says that the release of her viral product was way more than a money move--issa a whole movement.

In a recent interview with BET, Erykah broke down the secret to her success and that secret was simple: Pussy is power. She explained:

"First of all, I'm Erykah Badu. Secondly, in this industry, it's a legend that my box changes people. It changes their influences, their religion, their politics and everything else. So, that's why I decided to do it. I feel like everybody deserves it."

While Erykah says that she cannot reveal the full list of ingredients in her sought-after incense, she did share that her essence is the secret sauce:

"For young women like yourself, I want this to serve as an example of how heroic and beautiful we are. My p***y should be enough. We shouldn't have to explain how, why, who and what— it is what it is. You deserve my p***y incense and that is what I'm trying to tell you."

Erykah said that the product, which was made using her burned underwear, is symbolic of the inner power that all women possess:

"It's a victory for us, as women, because those things have been so taboo. Women are taught to be ashamed of our womanhood, our periods, our femininity, our hormones, our PMS, and all those things that are a part of this world. There are all these beautiful young women who Mama's Gun created, and when I say that, I mean I've been talking about these things from the beginning of time. I feel like we finally have a platform to speak how we want, to say what we want, and we don't have to behave or speak a certain way or hide what we feel."

In the interview, Erykah also revealed that her next venture involves putting us on to all her coveted beauty secrets. Along with restocking her premium incense, Erykah also plans to add skincare products to her online marketplace:

"I'm going to introduce some of those beauty secrets and products to you guys very soon. All through the years, people always asked me where I get this or that, and I've always had the idea to introduce these things to people and make them available. Every girl needs to feel good because when you feel good, I think you look good. I think it's all about your smile and your smell."

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