8 Times Duckie Thot Gave Us All Our Lives On Instagram
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8 Times Duckie Thot Gave Us All Our Lives On Instagram

Duckie Thot is visually one of the most majestic beings to ever walk this planet. Standing at almost 6-feet tall, she has enviable skin, Barbie-like features, and legs that go on for days. To say she is stunning is quite literally an understatement, and saying that not many look like her, is one as well. I mean, there's even articles on the internet about her, questioning if she's even real because...melanin.

And we all know melanin is a flex.

Duckie got her start on the eighth cycle of Australia's Next Top Model in 2013 when she was just 17 years old, and after coming in third place, she struggled to find work in the local industry. This, as well as the passing of her sister, ultimately prompted her relocation to the United States. From there, her hustle eventually catapulted into being one of the most in-demand models having walked for fashion houses such as Prabal Gurung, Valentino and Victoria's Secret. Oh, and of course our favorite bad gyal Rihanna scooped her up and featured her as the face of several Fenty Beauty campaigns.

Sis now welcomes the praise that comes along with her newfound popularity, because as we all know, being as beautifully dripped as she is, can have its challenges. She even addressed the evolution of diversity in the beauty industry directly, by simply saying:

"These are moments that should be celebrated. Because when I first started, that wasn't the case at all."

But listen, watch how you compliment her. Because according to Ms. Thot, not all "compliments" are compliments.

In fact, the 25-year-old model says she has had enough of a very particular one: being compared to Kendall Jenner (a comparison that never even crossed my mind, but I guess the audacity of the internet has no bounds). After multiple commenters filled a recent post with, "She looks just like Kendall Jenner!" or "She’s the Black Kendall Jenner!" (*eyeeeerollllll*), Duckie decided to put an end to alladat, and publicly dead the conversation once and for all.


She said what she said.

And listen, I'm sure the comparison is meant to be flattering, OK, I get it. I also know that because race relations in America are trash, that most people have no clue how to relate to us other than saying ridiculous shit like somebody as frickin majestic as Duckie 'Damn' Thot can remotely be watered down to such a comparison, but let me be very clear to anyone reading this: absolutely tf not.

Instead, we’re gonna celebrate a queen who is one-of-one, and one that could neverrr be duplicated. Ever.

Here's a list of the 8 times Duckie Thot gave us all of our lives on Instagram!

The time she celebrated Africa Day:

The time she wowed us as a fairy: 

When she flexxed her exotic features in animal print:

When she was proud after applying her Fenty products:

That time she stunned us all London:

Two words: box braids

That time we all wanted to be her wedding date:

And finally, when sis showed us she can rock bangs too:

Continue amazing the world, queen!

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Featured image via Duckie Thot/Instagram




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