Chanel Iman Gets Engaged To NFL Star Davon Godchaux. Here's Everything We Know About Their Relationship
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Chanel Iman Gets Engaged To NFL Star Davon Godchaux. Here's Everything We Know About Their Relationship

Supermodel Chanel Iman's whirlwind romance with her now-fiancé, NFL star Davon Godchaux, showcases how a breakup can often be a hidden blessing for something greater.

For context, the model was previously married to New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard. Iman and Shepard --who share two daughters, Cali and Cassie Shepard-- were married from 2018 to 2021 when the Dope star filed for divorce in June of that same year.

Although there are limited details as to what caused the demise of their relationship, when Iman filed, she claimed it was due to "irreconcilable differences." Iman and Shepard's divorce would be finalized years later, in April 2023. Since their split, both parties have officially moved on. Shepard is dating reality star, Carolyn Moore.

At the same time, Iman has been in a relationship with Godchaux. During the couple's year-long union, they announced they were officially engaged and welcoming their first child in their blended family of three.

As fans commemorate Iman’s next chapter, xoNecole takes a look back into the 32-year-old's love story with Godchaux, from the pair's Instagram debut as a couple to their engagement.

Chanel and Davon Become Instagram Official 

Iman and Godchaux were romantically linked in April 2022 after the duo uploaded affectionate photos on their respective Instagram accounts while attending Coachella.

The Mad Families star used a heart and upside-down smiley face emojis to describe her budding relationship with Godchaux. As for the New York Patriots defensive tackle, he immediately let it be known that Iman was officially off the market by writing the caption "Mines" with a tongue emoji.

Chanel and Davon Take Their Romance On The Road 

Nearly a month after going public with their relationship, Iman and Godchaux gave fans a look into their Turks and Caicos vacation by documenting the getaway and sharing it on their Instagram pages.

Iman, who appeared visibly smitten, posted a photo of the couple hugging with the caption, "Spoiled with love." While Godchaux expressed how happy he was to have met Iman.

Chanel and Davon's Blended Family

In July 2022, things seemed to be getting serious between Iman and Godchaux after the star shared an image of the football player's son and her two daughters, Cali and Cassie, as they spent quality time together in Miami.

Chanel Supporting Davon On The Field

Fast forward to September 2022. As the football season kicked off, Iman was seen dressed in a Patriots jersey as she showed her support for Godchaux and his team.

"Let's go BIG DADDY #92. Let's go, @patriots," the model wrote while sharing an image of the pair posing on the field. Godchaux showed his appreciation in the comment section by declaring his love for her.

"I love u baby! Only the beginning," the 28-year-old said.

Chanel and Davon Spending the Holidays Together 

Later that year, Iman and Godchaux reached a milestone in their relationship by celebrating the holidays together. The couple brought in Christmas with her family by opening presents and building gingerbread houses.

Despite the busy schedule, Iman was able to sneak in a selfie with her beau as they commemorated the special day.

Chanel and Davon's Quality Time With Their Children

The good times between Iman and Godchaux continued as the New Year occurred. The couple collaborated in a partnership with PJ Palace.

As for their relationship, Iman and Godchaux remained strong as ever as they traveled around the world from New Orleans to Dubai. In addition to the lavish vacations, the couple also spent time with their children. The family's most recent trip occurred in April 2023 when they visited Nick Resort Riviera Maya in Mexico.

Chanel and Davon Announce They Are Expecting 

A few weeks later, Iman and Godchaux announced on social media that they were expecting their first child.

On May 3, in an Instagram post jointly shared on the couple's respective accounts, Iman revealed how ecstatic she and Godchaux were to meet their "new little one."

"Our family is growing, and we are so excited to meet our new little one," she wrote. Godchaux responded to the post by hinting that he would soon ask Iman for her hand in marriage.

"My love, my everything! Soon to be mine forever," he stated in the comment section. That same month, Iman and Godchaux would share with the public that they were expecting a little girl after participating in a gender reveal with Cali and Cassie during a photoshoot.

Chanel and Davon On Their Engagement 

At the height of the couple's exciting news of expanding their family, Iman shocked her fans again on May 30 when the soon-to-be mother of three shared that Godchaux proposed to her during their babymoon in Italy.

While sharing various images from that special moment, Iman expressed her gratitude for all "the blessings" that have occurred in her life following "this new chapter."

"The blessings keep pouring, grateful for this new chapter and soon to be married and a forever to go," she said. In another upload, Iman added how much she loves Godchaux.

"Babymoon in Capri turned into the perfect engagement. I love you so much @chauxdown. You promised me the world and so far you have given me that and so much more!" she wrote.

On the other hand, Godchaux opened up about how nervous he was to propose to Iman, but he explained that the nerves would eventually subside because he realized that he wouldn't "want no one else by" his side.

"First of all, I can't even lie, I was nervous ahh hell and I never thought I would be getting down on one knee but LOVE will make you do some amazing things in life! Chanel I love you so much and I wouldn't have rather spend this moment with no one else by my side!" he stated.

"From the moment we met I knew it was something about you and how much you value having a FAMILY that was really important to me! We are in this together and will always be, I love you from the bottom of my heart! My love, My fiancé, My everything!! What does not kill us only makes us stronger!!"

Although Iman and Godchaux have yet to set an official wedding date, many appeared inspired by their journey because it showcases that there is life after the demise of a relationship.

Congrats to the lovely couple!

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