This Is How A Cancer Pairs With Every Zodiac Sign In Love

Cancer is a lover. Ruled by the Moon, this is one of the more sweet, devoted, caring, and emotional signs of the Zodiac. Cancers are no strangers to romance or the dynamics of a relationship, and this is a person who exemplifies a lot of what it takes to be a partner. They value their relationships in a way that makes others feel safe and taken care of, and they love to show their love through physical touch and acts of service.

Cancer In Love & Relationships

Cancers wear their heart on their sleeve, and they are highly in tune with their emotions. This makes their relationship world a unique one, and they form bonds that are deep, committed, and thoughtful. Cancers tend to fall in love easily, but they will always have a plan at the end of the day. Their long-term goals in love are a forever type of relationship, and once they find that person, they are one of the most loving, affectionate, and sincere partners to have.

Being with a Cancer can either feel like true love or an emotional rollercoaster. With Cancer being a sensitive soul, a partner who can honor their emotions, understand where they are coming from, and balance them out like a Taurus, Scorpio, or Virgo, makes a good match for Cancer. However, someone like a Sagittarius or Gemini may find Cancer all too much to handle. Cancer loves hard, but they hurt even harder and can act emotionally irrationally if they don’t feel safe or loved in a relationship.

Cancer Love Compatibility: Best & Worst Love Matches in the Zodiac

Cancer is known for their loyalty and devotion, but with their ability to love so quickly, they can also get themselves into some messy situations if they are not evolved in love. An evolved Cancer is the type of partner you dream about from a young age, however, and someone who is willing to love and take care of you forever.

Who Are Cancers Most Compatible With? 

Cancer + Aries Love Compatibility 

Cancer and Aries are a dynamic duo. There is something about these two cardinal signs that just works at the end of the day. That isn’t to say everything is always perfect with this pairing, as when it’s bad here- it’s bad; however, if Cancer were to be with any fire sign, it’d be Aries. Aries picks up where Cancer leaves off. Cancer likes to handle the basics, build a nice home, and create a safe and loving atmosphere for the relationship. Aries is the initiator that makes things happen in the relationship, pushes things forward, and creates adventure. Aries initiates, and Cancer stabilizes, and they both provide what is needed for a relationship. These two are often very loyal to each other and the relationship they form.

Cancer + Taurus Love Compatibility 

Cancer and Taurus are soulmates. Cancer does well with earth signs such as Taurus, and these two have a lot in common. These are two signs who are both concerned with stability, loyalty, and devotion in a relationship, and they are both willing to give each other this energy. This is the type of couple who likes to spend time at home, cook dinner together, keep things low-key, and is focused on building a life of luxury and comfort together. They easily fall into each other's lives, and it’s not difficult for them to see the commitment growing long-term. These two are people who are meant to be and who often end up walking down the aisle.

Cancer + Gemini Love Compatibility 

Cancer and Gemini are not your typical match, and these two can feel that right away. These are people that are coming from opposite ends of the mind, and although they are right next to each other on the Zodiac Wheel, that’s about where their compatibility ends. This is a relationship that may be better left off in the working environment, friendship setting, or business-type atmosphere. Gemini helps Cancer see what their values are and what they want in life and is there to give them a boost of confidence. These two have fun learning more about each other, but at the end of the day, it often doesn’t go past that.

Cancer + Cancer Love Compatibility 

Cancer and Cancer together create an emotional whirlwind of a relationship. The good thing about being with someone with the same sign as you is that there is an underlying understanding of each other that you don’t find in some other pairings. These are two people who live by their hearts and who are not afraid to express their emotions or where they currently are with each other. They are both very caring toward one another, however, the thing with Cancer is their emotions can go from here to there, and if these two are in different moods and not on the same page emotionally, it can turn into chaos. Two water signs together either turn out beautiful or messy, and there is no in-between here.

Cancer + Leo Love Compatibility 

Cancer and Leo are the moon and the sun of the zodiac, so there is a unique compatibility here. This is the energy of the divine feminine and divine masculine coming together as one, and they feel like they each have space to be themselves in the relationship. Leo admires the support that Cancer gives and brings into the relationship, and Cancer feels enamored by Leo’s warm light. This is a relationship that can be very healing for both of them and one where they often have a deep spiritual connection. However, at the end of the day, their differences may be too strong to keep things together in the long run, and it can be hard to find a mutual common ground here and common interests.

Cancer + Virgo Love Compatibility 

Cancer and Virgo form a sweet, devoted couple. These two are a lot similar when it comes to who they are in a romantic relationship, and they are both givers. They love to be there for each other, and Cancer admires Virgo's selflessness, as this is a characteristic they see in themselves as well. This is a relationship that is often formed through friendship first, and these two typically meet while out socializing, through mutual friends, or on the internet. They are immediately drawn to each other, and Virgo loves how seemingly perfect they are in the eyes of Cancer. With Virgo's logic and Cancer’s heart, these two in a relationship are couple goals.

Cancer + Libra Love Compatibility 

Cancer and Libra are a duo that works when it works and doesn’t when it doesn’t. Physically, these two are often attracted to each other, but when it comes time to form a deeper bond, it can be hard for Libra to meet Cancer at the emotional level they are looking for. Libra likes to keep things light and go with the flow. Cancer doesn’t mind this energy but needs a love they can grasp. Libra is hard to pin down, and after some time, Cancer may get tired of trying to make something of the relationship when Libra is not matching the effort. At the end of the day, however, these signs are lovers, and the love they have can overcome this and make a relationship work.

Cancer + Scorpio Love Compatibility 

Cancer and Scorpio are a match made in heaven when things are going well. These two have strong compatibility and create their own world together. Scorpio being the risk taker they are, feels like Cancer’s emotional world is a risk in itself, and whereas other people may be turned off by this type of energy, Scorpio is intrigued. Cancer feels safe with Scorpio, knowing they can be exactly who they are and be loved for it. Things can be shaky in the long run, however, as they both tend to jump into the relationship head first. Overall, they have a relationship that's loving, intuitive, and loyal, and if they can get over the emotional rollercoasters, then this will be a successful pairing.

Cancer + Sagittarius Love Compatibility 

Cancer and Sagittarius are an odd pairing. This is one of Cancer’s least compatible partners, as well as Gemini and Aquarius. This relationship tends to work better in the working world or a business partnership, but when it comes to romance, Sagittarius likes to run, and Cancer is not one to chase. Cancer is all about home base and security and needs some type of stability in a relationship. Sagittarius is always off on the next adventure and typically lives a life that Cancer is not fond of. It can make it difficult to form a happy partnership, as they both want to do different things at different times. Nothing is impossible, however, especially when it comes to Sagittarius, and if they are willing to make things work, then anything can happen.

Cancer + Capricorn Love Compatibility 

Cancer and Capricorn are often described in Astrology as the Mom and the Dad. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which represents the feminine mother energy. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which represents the masculine father energy. So, you can see how these two make a good match. Capricorn is everything Cancer is looking for in love, and their compatibility is strong. They both share a lot of the same values and need for stability in life, and they know what each other needs to make a relationship work because they both need a lot of the same things. Their strengths and weaknesses complement each other well, and these two have a lot of synergy together.

Cancer + Aquarius Love Compatibility 

Cancer and Aquarius like to push each other’s buttons. This isn’t a pairing that gets along right away or forms an immediate bond. Aquarius is interested in everything and everyone, so it’s not that Cancer doesn’t intrigue them, but Cancer’s ability to wear their emotions on their sleeve is something Aquarius doesn’t do well with. Aquarius has a broad mind, but Cancer is looking for a more emotional connection than a mental one, and this is where their major differences are. However, both of these signs have a level of compassion and understanding for each other that gives them a basic appreciation for the relationship. Aquarius can help Cancer get out of their shell and experience more life and people, and Cancer can help Aquarius get into their heart more and experience the beauty of their inner world.

Cancer + Pisces Love Compatibility 

Cancer and Pisces are both best friends and lovers. They have a lot of fun together and feel an immediate heart-based connection form once they meet. These are two people who don’t easily see faults in one another, and they tend to get into a relationship together rather quickly with rose-colored glasses. Once some stronger or deeper emotions arise in the relationship, things can change just as quickly as they began, however, balance and groundedness are extremely important in a water/water sign relationship to make things work. Overall, this is one of Cancers' best matches. They have a connection with mind, body, soul, and heart, and something like that is hard to beat.

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