The Best And Worst Traits Of Men To Date By Their Zodiac Sign

The Best And Worst Traits Of Men To Date By Their Zodiac Sign

3. Capricorn Man


Capricorn men love commitment! They take who they are aligning with seriously. They will go out the way to make you happy and provide whatever it is that you need. They're earth signs, so naturally they like to take care of business, and anyone who is close to them will never have to worry about feeling secure. He loves sticking to the plan, he'll usually be on time, and he does what he says he will. He gets the #3 spot, because though he is the GOAT in the zodiac, he also embodies a dominant masculine energy and you will have to be somewhat more on the submissive side to make it work with a Capricorn man. If you're down with that, then he's your man!

Capricorn Best Traits:

  • Ambitious
  • Determined
  • Practical
  • Prompt
  • Organized
  • Efficient
  • Leader

Capricorn Worst Traits:

  • Workaholic
  • Overachiever
  • Unadaptable
  • Stubborn
  • Hard to impress
  • Icy

Capricorn Compatibility: The most compatible signs with Capricorns are generally considered to be Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. The least compatible signs with Capricorns are generally considered to be Aries and Libra.

How To Connect With A Capricorn Man:

Capricorn Man Communication

The worst communication habit to get into with a Capricorn man is to complain, nag, or whine to him. Because of his hard reticent nature, he may not hold the space you need, how you need him to. His responses will be more about how you move forward, what practical steps you can take, and sharp black and white perspectives on your struggle. Because of this aspect, you will push a Capricorn man away if much of your communication with him becomes tediously negative, since he constantly fights his own pessimism. Your man is a wonder at many things, but consoling you might not be his strongest suit.

Capricorn Man Trust and Commitment

Capricorn men love a nurturing woman; someone who is kind-hearted and adds warmth to a room with her energy. He appreciates a woman who seems to be a superwoman, who can make him feel like his world is complete because of her. He loves a generous woman who puts the needs of others before her own and can always be depended on. He is always on the lookout for "wifey material," so if that is your personality, then you can build a deep foundation of trust and commitment with a Capricorn man.

Capriocorn Man Sex

A Capricorn man loves when his women puts on for him. Whether that's a keen sense of fashion style, or a strong sexy lingerie and heels game. They enjoy a little strip tease and sexy dancing or massage work before getting into it. They love to tell all of their homeboys that you're his lady, and then thoroughly enjoy throwing that back out when y'all get home. He is very giving in the bedroom and will take great pride and joy in giving you the best orgasms you've ever had!

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