Stephen & Ayesha Curry Indulge In Love & Quality Time During Their Baecation In France
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Stephen & Ayesha Curry Indulge In Love & Quality Time During Their Baecation In France

The last few weeks were all about love for Stephen and Ayesha Curry. The couple celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary on July 30 with a dreamy vacation to the south of France. On their wedding anniversary, Ayesha shared a few snapshots from their trip and wished her hubby a happy anniversary.

“11!!!! Today we celebrated 11 years married! It’s truly flown by. Getting to spend my life with my best friennnnnd, my love, my rock, my everything,” she wrote. “Every year just gets better! I am so grateful and feel so blessed. More than half way to 20! That’s crazy!!! Okay… back to celebrating . I love you”

The first two photos in the carousel showed them strolling around a French town while the last two photos showed them enjoying some alone time on a yacht.

The NBA great also dedicated a loving post to his chef bae on their special day. “11. My Ish! Loving this journey with you more and more,” Steph wrote. “Already blessed in so many ways and who knows what’s next. That’s the best part! through it all- we keep growing and loving each other. Next chapter begins…

I Love You! > <

1 Corinthians 13:8"

Ayesha and Steph first met in a North Carolina church when they were teenagers. While they were interested in each other then, they didn’t officially start dating until they reconnected as adults. Steph was 23 and Ayesha was 22 when they got married in July 2011. While they got married young, they have gone on to flourish in their personal and professional lives.

They share three children together, Riley, Ryan, and Cannon and they have both found success in their careers. The Golden State Warriors star has won four NBA championship rings and has been named MVP twice.

Ayesha began a career as an actress but then found her calling in the culinary world. She wrote the best-seller The Seasoned Life, founded the restaurant International Smoke and started the magazine, Sweet July. As a couple, they also have joint business ventures such as owning several real estate properties and they revived the ‘70s game show About Last Night for HBO Max.

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