6 Protective Styles To Stunt In This Season

Black women invented and mastered the art of the hairstyle switchup.


The DMX Challenge would've been nothing without Black women -- we invented and mastered the hairstyle switchup.

The way we do it is by wearing protective styles. Protective styles allow us to be versatile while also preserving the fragility of our natural hair. It allows us to stray away from heat and chemicals which, if used too much, can do major damage. Now, they do take time to install in many cases but once you have them, you're set for a good amount of time. Protective styles are great for reducing breakage and promoting healthy hair growth.

In order to maximize its benefits, while sporting a protective style be sure to:

  • moisturize your hair
  • invest in conditioning spray
  • keep your scalp clean
  • don't keep it for too long

Ahead, you'll find some fly protective styles that will make fall an easy transition for you and your hair.

Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are equally historic and stylish. Fulani derives from an African ethnic group known as the Fula. This style of braids incorporate uniquely patterned braids spanning from thin-to-medium. The beads are what make them fire! Be sure to add some spice to this style by adding a variation of hair jewelry.

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