Women Are Rapping About Their Insecurities to Beyonce's "Ego" And We Are More Than Here For It
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Women Are Rapping About Their Insecurities to Beyonce's "Ego" And We Are More Than Here For It

"We're all self-conscious, I'm just the first to admit it."

I still remember those famous lyrics from Kanye West early in his career when he released the timeless classic entitled, "All Falls Down". The song poetically takes us through the life of a young Kanye who spends the entire track rapping about his insecurities and how he uses his insecurities to power his self-esteem.

Back in those early days, I didn't fully understand the lyrical content behind the song, but now as a grown black woman who's constantly inundated with images of "perfection", I get it. Man, do I get it.

I wish my butt was bigger.

I wish my hair was longer.

I wish I had more curves.

I wish I was lighter.

I wish I was darker.

Wishes, wishes, wishes, we've all stood in front of the mirror or in front of our girlfriends wishing we could change something about ourselves and, in 2017, a woman who goes by the name of @Oranicuuh on social media is no longer here for it.

Now Internet famous for being the creator of the #EgoChallenge, @Oranicuhh challenged her followers to join in on her challenge of freestyling to beat of Beyonce"s "Ego" when she posted a video captioned, "I wanna start the #egochallenge. We all have flaws and it's better to brag about them to be insecure. Y'all should join in!"


In the video, she rapped the lyrics:

Yeah I got a gap but I still get y'all to bite

Yeah I'm chubby but I think it helps to keep my pockets tight

I'm dark as night, I'm chocolate talk about an overdose of melanin

What followed her video post was a phenomenal response from black women across social media not only applauding her for being brave enough to rap about her insecurities, but also responding with videos of their own.

As I scrolled through the various videos, I couldn't help but secretly wish I too was brave enough to hop on the mic and kick my own verse. Black girls are magical. When we as black women come together, we have a way of making everybody feel good and the #EgoChallenge is evidence of that.

[Tweet "When black women come together, we have a way of making everybody feel good and the #EgoChallenge is evidence of that."]

Over the last few days, the #EgoChallenge has literally become a liberating movement across the Internet for women to acknowledge and overcome their insecurities through music.

Thanks to social media, reality TV, and, let's face it, sometimes even our own brothers, we as women are often led to believe we're never enough. We fix one flaw only to identify another one and before you know it, we have become obsessed with fixing the amazing qualities God has blessed us with in attempt to please who? Everybody but ourselves.

[Tweet "We're leaving the outrageous idea that we are defined by our insecurities in 2016."]

It's a waste of time and, in some cases, a waste of the coin you could be using to empower yourself and ain't nobody got time for that!

So to every woman who has been told she's too fat, too skinny, too dark, too light, big head, small head, big hips, no hips, and a host of other things....


You're still beautiful and if "they" don't see it (who is they anyway?) it's their problem, not yours.

I talk like this because I've seen that WE can back it up!

Check out some of our favorites below:

Here's to embracing our flaws and finding empowerment in our failings!

Have you ever heard of the #EgoChallenge? What would your verse look like? Share them with us in the comments below!

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