Universal Standard Is Revamping The Way We Do Basics With Sizes 00 To 40

The Universal Standard is still setting the standard.

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It's official: inclusivity is in, which means more and more brands are working harder to revamp the way we experience products.

The buzz word has lent itself time and time again in the beauty realm, and now clothing companies are stepping it up a notch or two with size-inclusive collections. And when we say "size-inclusive," we're not just talking your typical straight and plus sizes. Universal Standard are the latest company to make their mark in the size-inclusive world, and although the move is definitely on brand for the fashion brand, they are pushing the inclusivity envelope even further.

Since their inception back in 2015, inclusivity has always been the name of Universal Standard's game. They had an impressive debut collection ranging from sizes 10 to 28. They collaborated with Orange Is The New Black actress Danielle Brooks to roll out a capsule collection of wardrobe must-haves. And now, they have unveiled an innovative launch of basics, featuring tees that range from a whopping size 00 to 40, aka, it's lit!

The new line of T-shirts and its groundbreaking size-range is called Foundation. Per an exclusive with Glamour, "it goes from least coverage to most coverage, the way foundation does—you have a bandeau, a cami, then you have a short-sleeve T-shirt, a long-sleeve [T-shirt], then you have a turtleneck, a crewneck, and a V-neck included. We wanted to make things that were so incredibly comfortable you could wear them on their own or you could wear them underneath as a layer."

The message is clear, dope basics should be universal to all, no matter the size or shape. Be sure to sign up for Foundation waitlist here to be the first to know when the capsule collection officially launches. In the meantime, check out the collection in the slideshow below.

Universal Standard

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Featured image by Universal Standard

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