8 Kinds Of Sex Every Couple Should Have In Their Rotation

8 Kinds Of Sex Every Couple Should Have In Their Rotation

When it comes to sex, you can never have too many tricks up your sleeve. A long-term relationship can quickly become boring, and nothing kills desire faster than boredom. When people get comfortable in long-term relationships, they often lose their spark. Relationships are like monthly subscription services. You get the first month for free, but after that, you have to actually start investing in order to continue to reap the benefits.

It is possible to rekindle the sexual spark in your life if the flame has fizzled out. There are a lot of easy fixes that are enjoyable. Getting out of a bedroom funk can be challenging, so here's what you need to do.

1.Scheduled Sex

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Yes, I know! Scheduling sex may not sound sexy, but it is important for people with busy lives to schedule sex regularly in order to maintain a healthy relationship. The act of scheduling sex is a great way for partners to maintain intimacy and satisfaction. Every other aspect of our lives is scheduled; vacations, lunch dates, birthdays, and holiday gatherings. Why not add sex to the list? Intentionally setting aside time for sex shows your partner that sex is important to you.

2.Spontaneous Sex

Yes, I just talked about scheduling sex, but couples should also have spontaneous sex! There's nothing better than spontaneous, out-of-the-blue sex! Seize sexual opportunities when they arise unexpectedly. Unscripted sex always reminds a couple of the fun they used to have at the beginning of their relationship.

3.Morning Sex

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Even though you may not have the freshest breath in the morning, sometimes you need more than an alarm clock to get you started. Plus, getting it on before sunrise has many benefits. The endorphins released during morning sex allow you to start your day feeling relaxed and energized.

4.Try-Something-New Sex

Once a quarter, every couple should try something new in the bedroom. A Google search and/or a trip to a sex shop are almost always required for this type of sex. There is nothing like trying out a new position or discovering different types of foreplay or having sex somewhere other than your bed to expand your sexual experience. Be adventurous and try things you haven't tried before.

5.Make-up Sex

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My toxic trait is fighting with my partner and then having wild make-up sex afterward. One minute you're hot with anger, and the next you're rolling around making passionate love like Yvette and Jody in Baby Boy. Fighting causes dopamine and adrenaline levels to rise, making you and your partner excitable in more ways than one. The reason why make-up sex works is that you are raw, exposed, and vulnerable after a fight, which makes for an ideal combination for hot, steamy sex.

6.Outdoor Sex

There is something exciting, fun, and risky about outdoor sex. It's something about the possibility of getting caught that gets people's sexual juices flowing. Outdoor sex feels naughty and rebellious. Although you may feel brazen, outdoor sex is all about avoiding getting caught. Almost all states prohibit public sex. Hence, plan ahead. Locate a place to get your rocks off that won't land you in jail

7.Romantic Sex

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Every now and then, we all like to be romanced. There is nothing like romantic sex to make you feel passionate, steamy, and intimate. It's all about foreplay, anticipation, and connection. You can connect with your partner by taking it slow and enjoying every moment. Make the mood more romantic by lighting candles, playing music, or having a few drinks.

8.Vacation Sex

Like Thanksgiving and turkey, vacations and sex go hand in hand. Vacations are perfect for rekindling a relationship as they give you more time for each other. Vacations should provide you with the opportunity to renew your sexual intimacy. Imagine yourself in a private room, disconnected from the daily routine of your daily life. Getting away from your usual routine is the thrill of vacation sex.

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