Drake's "8AM In Charlotte," Tyla's "Water" & Other Singles To Have In Rotation Now
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Drake's "8AM In Charlotte," Tyla's "Water" & Other Singles To Have In Rotation Now

This week's new music list has something for everyone, which is fantastic given that many of us are beginning this cuffing season in very different places. Whether you're still reveling in the freedom that came with your summer flings ("Yea Yea" and "Water"), looking for something more serious and long-lasting ("You're Hired," "Link Up," and "Give It To Me"), or simply basking in your best life ("Champagne Shit [Remix]" and "8AM in Charlotte," here are the week's top new tracks.

"Yea Yea" - Lady London with Dreezy

The most recent song "Yea Yea" by Lady London and Dreezy continues the 2023 theme of paying tribute to the music videos from the late 1990s and early 2000s. The music video for "Yea Yea" takes cues from Destiny Child's "Bills" and "Soldier," replicating its salon setting and brilliant colors in one scene and beautifully black and white cinematography in the other. The usage of the video as inspiration is amusing since it makes us think of the trio we sorely miss.

However, when we learn that in both songs, the girls are demanding a man—or soldier—deserving of their love and affection, the decision to employ this background becomes intriguing, especially when it becomes clear that this time around, the rapping duo wants something completely different.

The two rappers nonchalantly discuss their significance in their respective men's lives and how confident they are in their appearance and sexuality to make anybody who glances their way weak in the knees. They state that although they are aware that they are a popular item, they have no desire to become someone's one and only.

By the song's conclusion, the two rappers are playing off one another's flows and making it apparent that they have no intention of finding love this cuffing season.

"Water" - Tyla

The "Water" dance challenge is the most recent trend to take over TikTok. You have undoubtedly heard this song while getting enticed to see a series of dance routines that have several people moving their hips and crooning to the tune of "Make me sweat, make me hotter, make me lose my breath, make me water." The South African musician Tyla's song "Water" was released near the conclusion of the summer. It soon gained popularity as listeners became enthralled by Tyla's harmonies and demanded to blow her mind and seek her soul.

The melodious tune blends pop, R&B, Afrobeats, and amapiano to produce a catchy chorus and seductive lines. Although the single was released in the summer, with the help of its new music video that was released Friday, "Water" has now given itself the opportunity to go beyond the social media platform and have a chance to reach the charts as it should.

"Give It To Me" - Miguel

The title track from Miguel's latest album, Viscera, "Give It To Me," talks about chemistry and how it tends to draw people closer together. The song "Give It To Me" demonstrates Miguel's creativity on a whole new level.

As fans, perhaps we've grown so accustomed to Miguel's creativity that we've stopped recognizing how well he creates a distinctive yet recognizable sound with each album. The song, which combines R&B with industrial sounds, has a mellow, seductive atmosphere throughout the majority of the song before switching to a more organic and sensual approach in the closing seconds.

Similar to the audio, the graphics are minimal and largely consist of neon-lit views of Miguel and his leading woman flashing their bodies and cuddling while the camera rotates around them. Nevertheless, Miguel uses an electric guitar and breathless declarations to create a soulful and passionate tune over a simple rhythm and engaging beat.

"Link Up" - Ne-Yo

I'm not sure whether this video fits the season, but as SZA and Jean Dawson pointed out a few weeks ago, California doesn't really have seasons, so it could still be applicable today. But even if the video isn't, the song most definitely is. "Link Up" by Ne-Yo offers the suggestion of transforming another's life if given the opportunity to "link up," and was probably written to be a cuffing season anthem, or at least a very trustworthy second best. In this single, Ne-Yo offers love, luxury, attentiveness, change, and other limitless possibilities, in contrast to the other suitors.

As would be anticipated from the R&B singer and notorious lyricist, the song is straightforward and infectious, while the music video is entertaining and, at times, endearing. The only criticism I would have for the song is that it did not come out sooner. As it would have paired nicely with Usher's summer release of "Good Good," or Tinashe's "Uh Huh." Regardless, the song is definitely worth the listen and might even encourage a shimmying of the shoulder or two.

"You're Hired" - NEIKED ft. Ayra Starr

There are certain tunes that simply enchant you without fail. NEIKED's song "You're Hired" feat. Ayra Starr is among such tunes. Ayra Starr, who is content being alone and isn't looking for a relationship, becomes captivated by a possible suitor and promises to make him her lover in exchange for his willingness to fulfill her wants. She begins to entertain the notion of dating him after seeing that she behaves differently around him, in the greatest manner possible, and she openly offers to share the love she has been nurturing for him. It's a sweet tune that puts a grin on your face in a manner that only a new love could.

Regardless of whether he accepts her offer to play the part, it is great to hear a song that sings about love without making it seem like it must happen or one of them will be unable to move on. The song brilliantly depicts the sensation of having a crush and wanting to spend every waking moment with your newfound favorite person.

"Me & U" - Tems

Her first solo single since 2021, the Nigerian singer Tems has returned with a forceful comeback in the style of her most recent track, "Me & U." Originally made with a Drake feature, the single demonstrates Tems' amazing capacity to shine on her own when she places faith, instead of love, front and center.

With the removal of the rapper, Tems is able to explore themes of self-discovery in this lyrical song, creating a sincere connection to God as she learns who she really is, forges sincere connections, and develops a true understanding of herself. The song's simplicity and freedom as Tems discovers herself and learns to love herself makes it wonderful and liberating to listen to.

"Me & U" has the appearance of being a very straightforward love song as Tems sings of companionship and complete surrender as she croons over a softly strumming electric guitar. However, it's not really a love song in the conventional sense; instead, the song focuses on the relationship between the divine and the individual. Directed by the singer, it is amazing to watch Tems in her white gown perform her exquisite dance in the heart of a lush forest and against the azure waves of the sea.

With poignant narration with her distinctive, enticing musical style, "Me & U" shows audiences why Tem's two-year independent single hiatus was well worth the wait.

"Another Love Song" - Toosii

The only thing that makes Toosii's "Another Love Song" a love song is its name. As soon as the song starts, Toosii declares to the listeners that he is sick of the clichéd love song trope. This is primarily due to the fact that he is aware that, regardless of what he composes and sings, there is a good possibility he will be the object of someone else's incapacity to love. But it doesn't stop him from making an attempt at a love song.

He still holds out hope that love will find a way to be on his side despite everything. He occasionally cries out for the love of his life to come back and treat him well. Sometimes, though, his knowledge of himself overcomes him, and he is unable to win back his love before revealing the reasons he shouldn't have even given her a chance.

However, as in any relationship, two people are found to be at fault, and he recognizes that his constant faults are mostly to blame for the reasons he may be pleading. He's sick of love songs, but perhaps he is tired in the sense that he keeps attempting to write them as a sort of repentance. While this is going on, his love gets weary of his endless sorrowful ballads when he has the power to choose to love her rightly from the beginning.

"Champagne Shit" - Janelle Monáe ft. Latto and Quavo [Remix]

With this remix, these n****s about to make a whole lot of money.

The churchy organ chords of "Champagne Shit" provide a rallying cry that is difficult to ignore as Janelle Monáe rides a wave of intoxicated ecstasy with guests Latto and Quavo. As they sing an homage to the good life and the leisure its abundance brings, the group is in a relaxed state of mind. Monáe's comments about flinging "tips" and "hips" set the jovial tone, and Quavo amps it up with comments about having "ice" on his collar and "champagne" on his wrist, as well as countless models holding bottles. Complimentary to the others, Latto, who is having the best year of her career, laments a passionate verse about the need to be treated like royalty and her desire to reward the people she loves as well.

With the inclusion of the two rappers, Quavo delivers the ad-libs that make every Migos song so pleasant to sing, while Latto produces a swag that makes it difficult to resist moving one's hips or skipping as instructed by Monáe. Despite the fact that this partnership is not novel, and most likely won't turn too many heads, its remix possesses the jovial effect of friends who have finally succeeded in their endeavors, which will have the song playing on almost everyone's playlist.

"Homicide" - 6LACK and Jessie Reyez

My entire face breaks out in an unrelenting smile when I see the names 6LACK and Jessie Reyez listed next to one another. The duo reunites for their third collaboration, "Homicide," following years of friendship and mutual respect for each other's artistic abilities. They first collaborated in 2019 on the notoriously crooned "Imported," where the two sang about happily being someone's second choice. Now, the two musicians' long-standing friendship is evident in the exquisite mixing of their equally alluring vocals for "Homicide."

In this song, which depicts a sad waltz between two lovers, the two musicians vividly capture the subtleties of intense love and infatuation. While being propelled by this guitar-driven rhythm that surprisingly integrates trap beats and heavy bass, 6LACK and Jessie Reyez explore the concept of toxic relationships where partners cheat for sport. Meanwhile, exes are forced to see intimate meetings through windows.

While the 6LACK shines with his signature gloomy sound, Reyes' strong and rebellious vocals much outweigh those of her partner as she demonstrates her willingness to join a harmful relationship for its amusement and unpredictability.

"8AM In Charlotte" - Drake

Dressed in colorful hair clips, big leather leggings, and a "Hate Survivor" hoodie, Drake explains the origins of the album cover's artwork at the start of the video. In a lengthy explanation provided by his son Adonis, Drake tells the listeners that the album cover shows how important he feels he has been to the hip-hop genre during the previous 15 years of "dominance." Following the release of "Slime You Out" in September 2023, "8AM in Charlotte" is the second single from Drake's eighth studio album For All The Dogs.

In this song, Drake considers the burden on his "moral scale" as he gets ready to go on tour and encourages up-and-coming musicians to save a portion of their earnings as Andre 3000 did in "Hollywood Divorce." Drake's video is straightforward and narrated with a shaky cam as he contemplates how long he is prepared to harbor resentment against doubters and those who continue to attempt to thwart his unstoppable success.

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