Erykah Badu's 'Unfollow Me' Tour Is More Than A Concert, It's A Whimsical Expression Of The Soul
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Erykah Badu's 'Unfollow Me' Tour Is More Than A Concert, It's A Whimsical Expression Of The Soul

“I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit!” Erykah Badu said on stage during her “Unfollow Me” tour before performing a song she said she’s been working on.

The song, which sounded like a freestyle, touched on Erykah’s thoughts and feelings on different topics relating to her, including her personal life. As she sings about having kids with three different men, in the same sultry tone, she lets it be known that she’s tired of being asked about it in interviews.

But that’s what we love about the legendary neo-soul artist. Her realness, unconventional style, soulful voice, and humor. I attended the “Unfollow Me” tour stop in Atlanta and was quickly transported back to the ‘90s but with an afro-futuristic flair. Before Erykah took the stage, she was preceded by Tobe Nwigwe and Yasin Bey (Mos Def), who each performed their own sets.

But when the “Tyrone” songstress graced the stage, a shift happened in the room. In true Erykah Badu fashion, the Grammy award-winning icon wore her signature heighten boulder hat, near-floor length braids, and knitted thigh-high boots that moved when she walked.

Her arrival could be described as an alien landing on Earth. Lights flashed as she descended on the stage with slow movements as if she was examining the world around her. The sound of each footstep mimicked something of a robot as she walked across the stage.

Finally, it was time to perform. The Texas native immediately jumped into her bag of hits performing “On & On,” “Bag Lady,” “Next Lifetime,” “Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip Hop,)” and many more. While performing songs from the album that started it all, Baduizm, Erykah reflected on being pregnant with her first child, Seven, during that time and making the album for him and all the ‘90s babies. As a ‘90s baby, I especially connected to that moment because it made me realize that I grew up listening to her music, and I still go back and listen to that album.

Photo courtesy of Tony Krash

Toward the end of her show, she publicly declared her love for The Woman King actor John Boyega and to everyone's surprise, he joined her on stage. The “Honey” singer was stunned and had to pause from singing the last song of the night, “Tyrone.” However, he joined in singing with her, and as he was walking off the stage, she sarcastically told him to wait for her on the bus and “make sure you roll one up for me.”

After the show, select people, including contest winners, media, and others, got the opportunity to attend a private fireside chat with Erykah. The mother of three was sitting down and was surrounded by her fans, and one by one, she was answering questions. It was a sweet moment as people asked her a variety of questions, from how to get started in the music industry to her career as a doula. The beloved artist answered each question thoughtfully, and it only further proved why she is adored.

Being a fan of Erykah since I was a little girl, I was excited to finally see her perform, and the fireside chat was the icing on the cake. Make sure to check out the “Unfollow Me” tour when it hits your city.

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Feature image courtesy of Tony Krash

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