This Company Spent $3 Million To Close The Gender Pay Gap
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This Company Spent $3 Million To Close The Gender Pay Gap

Adele's new album is predicted to go double platinum in less than two weeks, Viola Davis became the first Black woman to win an Emmy for best actress in a drama series, and Hillary Clinton is in the lead for the Democratic party for president. It look like things are looking really good for females in America--well at least in Hollywood and politics.


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The salary difference between women and men has been an ongoing struggle for over 50 years. San Francisco-based company Salesforce announced on Tuesday that they have made $3 million in adjustments to women salaries to ensure that women at the company receive pay equal to their male counterparts.

"We looked at every single one of our female employees’ salaries, and we adjusted it against all of our male employees’ salaries,” said CEO Marc Benioff “We can say we pay women the same as we pay men.”

This recent move by Salesforce is huge, especially since its company is in the male-dominated, tech industry where men normally make more.

In a recent study by PayScale, about 1.4 million full-time employees were surveyed for two years. In the end, they found that women made approximately 2.7% less than men.


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It was also found that even in most industries, women are bringing in less money than men.

Even when it came down to the wage gap at each education level, women are still making less. This is completely absurd since about 33.3% of women are more likely to earn college degrees than men, but that is a different story!

On the same note, when it boils down to race, African American and Latina women are known to get the shorter end of the stick when it comes down to wage.

Now that Salesforce has increased pay for female employees, we wonder if more companies will follow suit. Besides Salesforce, Gap Inc. and Microsoft are just a few companies that are making changes to end the wage disparity.


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What are your thoughts on the gender wage gap? Share your comments below!

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