This Awful Hotel Room Experience Is How I Learned That Marriage Is About Making Memories
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This Awful Hotel Room Experience Is How I Learned That Marriage Is About Making Memories

My husband is my best friend in the whole wide world.

What I love about our relationship is that when he can, he tries really hard to impress me. But he's also missed the “positive impression" mark several times since we've been hitched. Especially that one time he booked us a couples getaway at a "hotel" in Houston. Our stay ended with us fighting roaches off of us like we were part of the extended version of the movie 300, that included a not-so-ripped black couple.

The roaches looked exactly like this army.

It was the worst hotel that I've ever visited. Like ever. In life. But it was also the best time I've ever had with him, and it taught me that marriage is about making lasting memories. It also taught me to never allow your partner to book a hotel room without checking the Yelp! reviews first.

It all happened last summer when my husband and I started making plans to pick up our son from his granny's house outside of Houston. My son had spent six weeks of his summer vacation with his grandmother, and he was having the time of his life. To allow him time to eat breakfast, and say goodbye to his cousins, we made plans to pick him up on a Saturday afternoon.

The problem was that traffic on I-10 is congested at that hour, and my husband is a very impatient man. So he came up with an idea: We would drive to Houston when there was no traffic, and stay in a hotel about 15 minutes from his mom's house. In his mind, that would be the perfect opportunity for us to enjoy each other away from home before we picked up our son.

This sounded like a great idea to me, so I started probing him for details, but he wasn't having it. All he would tell me was that he found a great deal on a hotel room online, and that we were going to have a good time, and I couldn't ask him anymore questions. He was the boss of those plans, and he had everything covered.

So I went with his plan, and I even promised him that I wouldn't read the Yelp! reviews before we arrived at our destination.

Wrong. Move.

The minute we got to the hotel room, and before we could put our bags down, we started boxing roaches.

After our sparring matches, my husband, who was utterly embarrassed, called the front desk to ask for a different room. 20 minutes later, instead of coming back with a new room key, he came back with a can of roach spray. The front office had given him a really crappy excuse for why they wanted to keep our money, and not let us change rooms.

But my husband was intent on making the night memorable. He kept saying, "Baby, I promised you a relaxing time, and damn it we're going to have one!" I felt so awful for him, that I let him lead the way again.

Wrong move.

Because we don't have a roach problem at our own home, he didn't know that once he sprayed the room with bug spray, that it would make the roaches come out more. For the next several hours, we boxed with several dozen roaches like we were in a hood fight.

My boo and I went so hard fighting roaches that we slept a total of four hours that night. When we weren't fighting roaches, we were yelling expletives at them.

Even worse was the fact that my husband thought he saw some people selling drugs several doors down from our room. When he couldn't take it anymore, we hopped in our car, and drove as fast as we could away from our "trap house hotel." As soon as we got on the road, he started apologizing to me over and over.

But despite everything that happened, I had a blast and I let him know it as soon as he started apologizing. Not only did I lose a little weight boxing our uninvited guests, but he gave me one memory that I would never forget. Sure we could have stayed in a luxury hotel, but it didn't happen that way. He booked us a hotel that was really a trap house, and we ended up creating a memory we never will forget.

I also realize that I'm a really lucky woman to have a man who I consider my best friend. I know women who are married who would kill to have their husbands put in a little more work and do things that are thoughtful. I didn't see anything he did as failure. If anything, it showed him that he truly had a ride-or-die chick, because not many women would have stayed in the hotel room to throw shoes and shade at roaches, no matter how much she loved him.

But let's be clear - I would never stay at that hotel ever again, and I'll also never allow him to book another hotel room without checking Yelp! first.

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