Your Soul Mates Aren’t The Romance Clichés You Thought They Would Be



Have you ever been romantically involved with someone that brought the absolute worst out of you, but did so in a positive way?

Talk about an oxymoron, smh. That person is something like a twin flame, a mirrored reflection of both the positive and negative aspects within you, bringing all of your qualities to the light, forcing you to examine yourself in a way that makes you both uncomfortable and insecure. It is a divine connection to say the least. Twin flames and soul mates are your Higher Power's way of pulling you further into the evolution and expansion of self.

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It is a common belief that a soul mate is a person who gets you like no other and is the person your soul has been waiting for since forever. While this isn't necessarily untrue, soul mate relationships are not always fine and dandy like a Nicholas Sparks novel-turned-movie will have you believe. Soul mate relationships are hard work, and are often times frustrating, bringing many flaws into the light that both partners need to work on. The purpose of a soulmate, is to grow, above all.


Soul mates come into your life in a flash, rock your world and leave you as an entirely transformed person, hopefully for the better, if you play your cards right.

Recently, I’ve met a wonderful man who is AMAZING beyond words in every way. A real King and a real protector. We clicked instantly and it felt like we knew each other in another lifetime. The divine connection was soooo real, it almost seemed too good to be true... And it was. Although my admiration for him is true, despite us both being on the same page as free spirits who don't like to rush into things, we still have had the rockiest start to any relationship/friendship I have ever been involved in. In a short amount of time, this man has already unknowingly brought some of my most major flaws to light. Ones that I didn’t even know I had.

He has snatched the facade I'm so used to hiding behind and has left me bare, vulnerable, naked and shivering.

Behind this facade of a woman who has it all together is a young girl who is scared shitless of being rejected, a young girl that worries about being worthy of love, a girl who is seemingly laid-back and nonchalant, yet also a handful and tough to understand. A girl who is EXTREMELY sensitive physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally...you get the picture.

A man who is able to love you through your pain and insecurity, is pure gold in a world full of coal. Don’t run away from discord, as this is your spirit's way of shaking things up to open you and your world for what's about to come. Embrace this time and this person's role in your life.

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Have you encountered a soul mate? What has she or he taught you about yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Grace Grant is a Life & Wellness Coach and Founder of EnterprizeYOU, an Empowerment Community for the Free-Spirited Black Woman! Come join us, or connect with Grace on Facebook & Instagram

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