Pronghorn Celebrates One-Year Anniversary As It Continues To Diversify The Spirits Industry

Pronghorn Celebrates One-Year Anniversary As It Continues To Diversify The Spirits Industry

Pronghorn’s mission is to diversify the spirits industry and close the gap between Black-owned spirits brands and others. The company, which is co-founded by Dia Simms (CEO of LeBron James-invested tequila brand Lobos 1707/former President of Diddy’s Combs Enterprises), Erin Harris, and Dan Sanborn, invests in Black-owned spirits brands to provide capital, grow the business, as well as a myriad of other things. Some of these brands include Greenwood Whisky, IslandJon Vodka, and the Ciara co-owned brand Ten To One Rum.

In celebrating its one-year anniversary, Pronghorn held a black-tie gala on Juneteenth at the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. The Black-owned spirits were on full display, literally and figuratively. There were open bars during the cocktail hour and the sit-down dinner, where guests chose from a variety of signature cocktails. We also got a close-up look at all 19 brands Pronghorn represents, thanks to the lovely display that was positioned near the front of the ballroom.

Queen Naija performs at Pronghorn's One-Year Anniversary Event At St. Regis in Atlanta on Juneteenth.

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Co-founders Simms and Harris and Pronghorn's CEO, Jomaree Pinkard, gave opening remarks and shared the company's achievements to date. These achievements include investing in 19 Black-owned spirits brands and creating a grant and internship for HBCU students. Pronghorn also has a mentorship program called the Pronghorn Spirits Academy.

Guests were treated to a three-course dinner as well as an intimate performance by R&B sensation Queen Naija.

Pronghorn Celebrates 19 Investments at One Year Anniversary Event At St. Regis In Atlanta on Juneteenth

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

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