21 Self-Affirmations To Awaken Your Relationship With Your Sexuality

21 Self-Affirmations To Awaken Your Relationship With Your Sexuality

Ever since I rediscovered the power of affirming myself, affirmations have been a major facet of how I greet (and sometimes end) each day. Some days, it’s affirmations that speak directly to a chakra that I’m experiencing a blockage with. On other days, the affirmations might be more general, with more of a focus on reminding me of what I deserve, what I am worthy of, and that I am everything as I am. The common thread of it all is being intentional about speaking life over myself and giving myself the validation that I might be outwardly seeking.

It doesn’t remove the need for community or the need for support from other people (because, yes, self-care and self-love are also about coming to terms that we need people despite the individualism our capitalistic society perpetuates). With each “I am” statement, you are affirming yourself and reminding yourself that you are not just a vessel, you are also a well. And through you, you can also open yourself to being a safe space, a secure space, an abundant space, and therefore a source of validation. So while we receive reassurance, validation, and safety (ideally) in the form of our outward relationships, it’s important to know and understand what’s possible in your inner relationship with yourself as well.

As someone who is currently on a journey of radical self-love and, as an extension of that, is cultivating sensual practices that serve me. It is what has inspired this article. After years of unknowingly quieting my sexual side in my relationship, I found myself very disconnected from that aspect of myself at the end of it. I also didn’t want to solely access my sexual side or that sense of connection through the act of having sex with someone. I wanted to look for ways to validate myself and my sexuality without a partner.

That’s where the affirmations below came into play. If you’re anything like me, below are 21 affirmations to help you get in tune with your sexuality.

1. I am loved. I am wanted. I am desired.

2. Pleasure is my birthright, and I invite it into all areas of my life.

3. I embrace who I am as a sensual, sexual being.

4. My sexuality is mine, and it is sacred.

5. I am a sensual orgasmic goddess, and those around me can’t help but be drawn by my energy.

6. My sexual confidence radiates from within me.

7. I am the sexiest, most powerful, most self-assured version of myself.

8. I give myself permission to let go and be in tune with what I am feeling inside my body.

9. I have the body of my dreams and appreciate all that it does for me.

10. I am worthy of a passionate, loving, fulfilling sex life that is healthy, secure, and supportive.

11. I own my desires, my magnetism, and my erotic power.

12. I am in tune with what and who I desire and stand in my power to say no to sex I don’t want to have.

13. I embrace who I am sexually.

14. I explore my fantasies and my sexual desires without shame.

15. I feel deeply connected to myself, my wants, and my needs.

16. I communicate what I want in sex and am celebrated for articulating my needs.

17. My body deserves to be honored, respected, loved, cherished, and cared for.

18. I give, and I also receive.

19. I am the center of my lover’s attention, and they honor every nook and crevice of my body.

20. My sex life satisfies me and is a reminder of my magnetism and my orgasmic energy.

21. My sexuality goes far beyond the need for another person. I radiate soulful goddess energy regardless of if I am naked and in the act or not. My energy moves. My sexuality transcends.

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