Ballerina Misty Copeland Turned A Career-Ending Injury Into A Setup For Her Success

Ballerina Misty Copeland Turned A Career-Ending Injury Into A Setup For Her Success

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When everything seems to fall in place, the universe will throw you a curveball and push you to go harder. I can personally assure you that pressure makes diamonds, and Misty Copeland proves that sometimes a setback can set you up for success. The 35-year-old ballerina recently opened up in an interview with Cosmopolitanabout how the best day of her life was overshadowed by an injury that had the potential to permanently end her career.

Misty scored a lead role in the critically acclaimed ballet, The Firebird, which was a major highlight in her career and made her the first black woman to be promoted to a principal role in American Ballet Theatre history.

"It was such an incredible high, to see for the first time time such a diverse audience walking into the Metropolitan Opera House because a black woman was going to be up there,"

Unfortunately, Misty was injured during the first show and was forced to have major surgery after breaking her tibia in six places.

"I just started this path of giving these people hope and then it may be over. I had my moments of doubt and feeling like I was letting down this entire community."

Even after surgery, Misty knew that she had an obligation to remain steadfast in her purpose. After being told she may never dance again, the bodacious ballerina continued to practice and kept her body in ballet-shape by doing a variety of at-home routines with her barre teacher in her apartment.

She made the decision to not be paralyzed by her obstacles, but to push through and set an example for the rest of us. Even when every force of nature in the world is forcing you to give up, reset and go harder. Remember that your setbacksare only a setup for your come up. Delayed doesn't mean denied.

Now, Misty is back to setting the world ablaze in her Pointe shoes. She recently launched a new sportswear collection with Under Armour that aims to cater to every woman.

"It's amazing to be given an opportunity to have this, the Misty Copeland Signature Collection. When I joined with Under Armour it was a shock, I think, because we've never seen an athletic apparel line even consider a ballerina or a dancer as an athlete."

Misty Copeland is the first ballet dancer to be named an Under Armour athlete and promises that the collection will offer versatility without compromising performance. The collection consists of 9 pieces that speak to Misty's divine fire and femininity and allow every woman to feel both comfortable and beautiful.

"I think that the ballerina is such a versatile athlete that most people don't think about. She's strong, she's feminine, she's powerful, she's elegant, and so I feel like, what the ballerina represents embodies so many different women. So I feel like this is for every woman. There's something in there for every woman."

When Misty Copeland isn't designing dope athletic wear or slaying the stage, she's fighting the same battles that all women are faced with. She's a reminder that your obstacles often make a way for opportunity.

Check out the Under Armour Misty Copeland signature collection here.

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