Want To Fix Your Life? Iyanla Vanzant Shares The Mantras She Lives By

Want To Fix Your Life? Iyanla Vanzant Shares The Mantras She Lives By

Life in the digital age is full of quick fixes. Just about anything that you need in this world is available to you at the click of a button, that is, with the exception of healing, of course. There's no website you can go to, no retreat you can go on, and no book you can order that will instantly fix the emotional wounds of your past; you gotta do the work, sis.

Words of affirmation are an essential part of any relationship, especially the one that we have with ourselves.

In order to become the woman of your dreams, you have to remind yourself who you are every damn day, and it helps to have a list of go-to phrases that can help you experience growth from the inside-out. Luckily, Iyanla Vanzant slid through ESSENCE and put us on the four most powerful phrases to tell ourselves when we begin to doubt our destiny, and our note-taking hands are ready, beloved.


You are capable of achieving every single one of your goals simply because you said so, sis. Here are four things to remember when your everyday slay is struggling:

"There Is No Thing To Fear"

I can guarantee that the fear of doing whatever it is you're afraid of doing is way worse than what can happen if you stopped whining and just did it already, and Iyanla agrees that this is big facts. There's nothing to fear but fear itself, and Iyanla says that if everyone knew this, they'd be a lot closer to their dreams.

"If I could just etch that on everybody's brain to understand there's no thing to fear. Just keep moving, breathing…"



"…Because when people get upset they stop breathing."

If you're someone who's ever been mad, I mean big mad, this one's for you, sis. Iyanla wants us to remember to not get so wrapped up in the moment that we forget to exhale. Leveling up your deep breathing game has a number of benefits and can help manage conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, as well as stress, depression, and anxiety.

"All Things Are Lessons That God Would Have Me Learn"

The universe is conspiring to help you have everything your heart desires. In layman's terms, God has your back, girl. Everything that didn't break you, made you, and every person that came into your life, no matter how bad they wronged you, was meant to be a blessing or a lesson, and Iyanla said that keeping this in mind has helped her through some tough times.

"That thing right there…ooh that has saved me when I really want to bite somebody's face off…"

"Today, I Begin A New Life"


The only person keeping score of your wins and losses is you. You can't alter the past, but you can create a new future for yourself every day. Joy comes in the morning, and this morning, you have the choice to choose a new beginning.

"Doesn't matter what happened yesterday, last week, last month. Today, right here, right now, this moment…I begin a new life."

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