Lizzo Wants You To Know A Lot Can Change In A Decade

In an inspirational tweet we didn't know we needed, Lizzo reminded us good things come to those who have patience.

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Take a look around and appreciate your current struggle because ten years from now, nothing will look the same. Over the next decade, you will experience wins, take some losses, and ultimately evolve into a woman you wouldn't recognize if you saw her today.

While on the journey to overcoming your circumstances, it may seem as though your circumstances have been overcoming you, but Lizzo had a word for those of us who are impatient when it comes to fulfilling our destiny: just wait on it.

From being homeless and facing one of the darkest times in her life to becoming the No. 1 artist in the country, Lizzo is no stranger to the struggle and recently, in an inspirational tweet we didn't know we needed, she reminded us that good things come to those who have patience. She wrote:

"2009 was the year my daddy died. 2009 was the year I lived in my car & cried myself to sleep on thanksgiving. 2019 is the year my album & song went #1. 2019 is the year I told my mama I can buy her a house."

In a previous interview with People, the Cuz I Love You singer revealed that her now-chart-topping hit "Truth Hurts" was once the reason she almost gave up music for good.

"The day I released 'Truth Hurts' was probably one of the darkest days I've had ever in my career. I remember thinking, 'If I quit music now, nobody would notice. This is my best song ever, and nobody cares. I was like, 'F— it, I'm done.' And a lot of people rallied; my producer, my publicist and my family, they were like, 'Just keep going because this is the darkest before the dawn.'"

Today, Lizzo is a testament to the fact that trouble don't last always; joy comes in the morning if you can find the strength to make it through the darkest parts of the night.

"Now the song that made me want to quit is the song that everyone's falling in love with me for, which is such a testament to journeys: Your darkest day turns into your brightest triumph."

The 31-year-old entertainer is living proof that just because your bag is delayed, it doesn't mean it's denied. You are the only true author of your narrative, and Lizzo had this potent reminder for anyone who feels stagnant in their story:

"Anything can happen in a decade. Tomorrow is the beginning of ur Anything."

Featured image by Instagram/Lizzo.

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