For Missy Elliott Day, The Rapper Paid $50K In Past-Due Rent For 26 Virginia Families
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For Missy Elliott Day, The Rapper Paid $50K In Past-Due Rent For 26 Virginia Families

Missy Elliott is paying it forward in a major way.

Although Missy Elliott Day was created in 2022 to honor the impact and legacy of the Virginia-born and bred phenom, Missy Elliott decided to honor others by giving back to those in need. On this year's Missy Elliott Day (which happens on October 17), Missy made an appearance in her hometown of Portsmouth, Virginia, to present a donation to Portsmouth Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

The donation was a check of $50,000, which the housing organization used to cover the past-due rent of 26 local families. The 52-year-old entertainer thought giving back was the best way to honor the day to the people of Virginia.

While presenting the donation at Grove Church, Missy explained what inspired her charitable move, saying, "Instead of it being a celebration of Missy Elliott, you know about me, I wanted to give back and let that be the celebration of Missy Elliott, just to show that I love everybody out here."

"Just know that P-town is with me no matter where I go," she continued, giving a nod to her hometown of Portsmouth. "I love my city. I love my state. I love everything about it. Everything about Missy comes from here — the hospitality, the humility, the confidence — if you mess with me, it’s a problem. We sweet, but don’t try us.”

Missy is no stranger to repping the place that raised her. Just this week, the Grammy winner took to X to share photos of herself posted up on Portsmouth's Missy Elliott Boulevard, which was renamed for her. In the caption she wrote of her humble beginnings, "I been through MANY ups and downs but it’s nothing like having FAITH! God I thank you for FAVOR."

"If anybody feel like quitting NO just hang in there your BLESSING may be coming sooner than you think! Just keep PUSHING even through tough times," she continued.

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