Erykah Badu Teases New Music And The World Makes Sense Again
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Erykah Badu Teases New Music And The World Makes Sense Again

Ladies, this is not a drill: Ms. Fatbelly Bella a.k.a. Badulla Oblongata a.k.a. Sara Bellum a.k.a. Analogue Girl in a Digital World a.k.a. Manuela Maria Mexico, is in the studio! Erykah Badu took to her Instagram to show what she's been working on, and she is coming for the girls, mkay?! Rocking a rope headband and red lip and matching eye, she opens the story with the caption 'Teaser', while she's singing along and sipping on a bottle. And she was giving us all the Baduizms that our little hearts could take as she sings:

I wanna get drunk with you.

I wanna smoke blunts with you.

For much of the summer (and the past five years), our girl has been lowkey as far as music goes, and gracefully minding her business as she so effortlessly does. She's gearing up to head out on tour, as well as headline the Hollywood Bowl in October, a refreshing move for her fans, especially considering the concert scene has been heavily impacted by the pandemic for the past two years. She even uploaded a recent photo of her back on stage, captioning it:

"We bout to be on the road...Great 1st show Dallas! Just getting warmed up … thank you sooo berry berry much @tbaal for always welcoming me back home to share with the fam on your stage. You gave me My first stage experience at age 8 , Curtis King , you are a master. I love you and I do not take it for granted. - eb"

Ah, she's back, ladies!

Her last project was her mixtape, But You Caint Use My Phone back in 2015, her first release under her own record label, Control Freaq. Within two months of its release, Badu announced a follow up mixtape titled, This $hit Too Easy was to be released, however, this mixtape never surfaced. But she has released new three tracks on SoundCloud, including "Trill Friends", "Thru It All" and "Come See Badu". She did reveal to Vulture, that she was slowly making progress on her sixth studio album, but instead, in very Rihanna-esque fashion, has been focusing on other endeavors.

"I'm gathering ideas. I'm uploading. I want to have a variety show, I want to get my midwifery certtification in direct-entry midwifery. I want to build schools. I want to join the Peace Corps. I want to paint more seriously. I want to help my children with their dreams."

And she has been doing just that, as she famously was the midwife of singer Teyana Taylor, for the birth of her second daughter, Rue. Additionally, she has also been helping her own daughter Puma's budding music career, with frequent uploads, sing-a-longs, and collabs. I'm not sure if she's going to join the Peace Corps just yet, but knowing Ms. Badu, anything is possible.

"You know what's funny? I'm thinking about music, but it's all about tuning forks, singing bowls, bells, drums from Soweto, from Johannesburg, just gathering sounds. That's what I'm interested in right now--sound vibration. If I put out another project, it'll be like that. You know, I haven't written anything in five years. If I'm not inspired to write, I don't. I just haven't had anything to say, I can't really force it. If I did, what I'd be saying wouldn't be coming from an honest place. Or maybe I've said all the things I feel like saying."

Glad to see Ms. Fatbelly Bella a.k.a. Badulla Oblongata a.k.a. Sara Bellum a.k.a. Analogue Girl in a Digital World a.k.a. Manuela Maria Mexico, Ms. Erykah 'Damn' Badu, has changed her mind. And now, the world can make sense again. Welcome back!

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