'Claws' Gets Renewed For A Fourth & Final Season & We're Not Crying, You Are

A look back at the elements that make the TNT hit such a gem.

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This week, news broke that we will not only be saying goodbye to Dear White People in 2020, but we'll also be forced to bid farewell to the most gangsta nail techs in the history of television. Tuesday, the cast announced that they will return for a fourth and final season next fall and I'm not crying, you are.


Desna (played impeccably by Niecy Nash) and her crew have stolen our hearts with their witty antics and undeniable charm, and now their story has come to an end. Throughout honeymoon shootouts, gang wars, and drivebys, this crew of badasses have held their own, had each other's backs, and made sure they looked damn good doing it.


If you still need to catch up before the final season drops, check out this semi-spoiler free highlight reel of what we'll miss the most about the show:

The (Come) Ups 


From being pawns in a high-crime industry to becoming the bosses of the entire operation, this group of nail techs is living proof that you should never underestimate the underdog, but they couldn't do it without some hardcore loyalty. Although these ladies have their differences, one thing that they'll always have is one another.

The Downs


Opening up a can of whoop-ass is no problem for Desna's crew, and they will serve up a two-piece and a biscuit as needed. Despite coming up against cheating baby daddies, lying fiances, and murderess villians, this squad is not afraid to knuck if bucked at and somehow, they always come out on top.

Roller And Desna's On & Off Love Affair 


I've never really been into white men who wear wife-beaters and Gucci belts, but Roller (Jack Kesy) is something special. Although he and Desna have a tumultuous history, fate always seems to bring them back together and we can't help but love it. Plus, their bathroom oral sex scene at her wedding was lit AF. Don't @ me.

Freaky Deaky Dean 


I don't know what acting classes Harold Perrineau took in his life, but he played the hell out of this character. Possibly one of the most lovable personalities on the show, Dean plays Desna's autistic brother who is sometimes too brilliant for his own damn good. While he is often the voice of reason in their chaotic group, Dean's alter ego is a male stripper who lets it all hang out.

The Many Faces Of Polly


Polly (Carrie Preston), her fierce red hair, and her erratic personality makes her a fan favorite and also allows the show to delve deeper into the topic of mental health. Her many personalities and hilarious banter are only part of the multifaceted character, who is trying her best to navigate life after trauma (and prison).

Virginia's Wardrobe 


Karrueche in real-life is my best friend in my head, but I want to go club-hopping with her character Virginia ASAP, please. From furs and patterns to bright colors and bucket hats, her wardrobe deserves its own hall of fame, damn it.

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