What We Know About Gloria Bambo, The 20-Year-Old Black Woman Found Hanging In Texas

What We Know About Gloria Bambo, The 20-Year-Old Black Woman Found Hanging In Texas

The internet has questions and we want answers expeditiously.

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When you turn on the news, you're likely to see either white supremacy, police brutality, racially-motivated crime, civil rights protests or all of the above and if you didn't know any better, you'd think we were living in the 1950s.

Because we are distrustful of both mainstream media and the police force overall, we have been left to our own devices to seek out information. With that being said, studies show that when it comes to getting justice for black bodies, Black Twitter is all over it and the curious case of Gloria Bambo is no exception.

Recently, the 20-year-old was found hanging in the garage by her white roommate and while her death has since been ruled a suicide, the internet has questions and we want answers expeditiously.

Although alleged friends of Gloria claim that she struggled with bipolar depression, the internet wants a deeper explanation, including a full autopsy and statement from police, that explains exactly what happened in the moments leading up to her death.

Here's what we know so far:

Gloria Moved To America From South Africa

It's unclear if the 20-year-old woman was estranged from her family, but judging from tweets from friends and a petition signed by more than 6,500 people, she was a ray of light that was well-loved by members of her community.

Friends Say That She Struggled With Mental Wellness

Although Black Twitter may be on the case, we have to keep in mind that we are not detectives in real life. As suspicious as this story may be, it's important to note that her friends alleged that Gloria struggled with mental illness and that suicide may have very well been an option for the gone-too-soon young adult because Black women experience depression, too.

She Was Dead For Three Days Before She Was Found

According to reports, Gloria was missing for three days before being found by her former roommate, which to some, was an alarming amount of time. Facebook user Jamilla Arnold wrote:

"Gloria Bambo, a South African citizen, and a resident of McKinney, Texas was found hung inside her garage. Gloria resided with her roommate, a white male who found her in the garage Sunday July 12, 2020. Gloria went missing Thursday and supposedly died in that garage the same day July 9. Gloria's body was in that garage 3 days, where people resided, and repairs were made. No one has heard anything about this Why? We need to know what happened to Gloria?"

At Least Six Black People Have Been Found Hanged In 2020 

While on one hand, we can't ignore that Gloria may have needed serious professional attention if she was suffering from mental illness, we also can't turn a blind eye to the fact that over the past few months, at least six Black bodies have been found hanging and (at least preliminarily) labeled as a suicide. That's no coincidence and we need some serious answers from police before removing our foot from their necks.

Her Roommate Allegedly Released A Statement

Since going viral and gaining the attention of the NAACP, it was alleged that Gloria's former roommate released a statement in a since-deleted tweet that further confirmed allegations of mental illness, trauma, and abuse and claimed that the 20-year-old lost her job only days before her death.

While it's unclear what happened to Gloria, we know that Black Twitter won't rest until we get to the bottom of it.

Rest in heaven, Queen.

Featured image via Twitter.

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