Going Vegan? Follow These Ladies For Inspiration


If you've bravely trekked out on the journey to going vegan, you're not alone.

Whether you start full of inspiration, ready to embrace the plant-based diet head on, or if you're taking it a day at a time to see how long you last, there are women who have mastered the Vegan lifestyle, and seemingly with ease.

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These ladies not only make being Vegan look easy (it's safe to say their goal is let you know that if they can do it, you can too), but they give you tips you need, like recipes and quotes that only those who are struggling with the Vegan lifestyle can understand. Because let's be real, while it's possible, we can't deny le struggle. Take a look at a few ladies who make going Vegan easier for you!

Nzinga Young

You can definitely kick off your journey to going vegan with Nzinga Young. Her page features a 10-week program that will help you fully embrace the vegan diet slowly but surely. We all know that it's easy to say we're going to do it, but how do we really prepare? Nzinga shows you how as her page is all about helping her followers make that move to being vegan. It's also a bonus that she's gone 25 years without eating meat (and loves sweets probably more than most of us), so I think we can go ahead and call her a pro.

Follow her on Instagram @veganzinga.

Featured image by Sweet Potato Soul

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