The Best Celebrity Nails Of 2021

The Best Celebrity Nails Of 2021

Nail game strong.

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Each year it seems that the nail trends keep getting bolder and bolder. From extra-long acrylics to blinged out sets, nail trends have taken over Instagram and Pinterest as the top places for “nailspiration” and who better to see the latest trends then on celebrities. Many of our favorite celebrities have made nails a part of their aesthetic and just how fans anticipate what they will wear next, nails have also become a part of that look.

This year saw celebrities continue to blow us away with their nail game and below we have listed some of the hottest nails that took over 2021.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat is never afraid to push the boundaries with her style and so it’s no surprise that she likes her nails as bold and beautiful as she is. For her video “Best Friend,” which she collaborated with Saweetie on, Doja rocked long pink coffin nails with, get this, pink fur.

Nail artist Saccia, who did the nails, shared a behind-the-scenes video of Doja and the nails on her Instagram.


Lizzo got in on one of the hottest trends this year, marble nails. Her nail artist, Eri Ishizu, shared the image to her Instagram of Lizzo serving face while showing off the marble nails in brown.


Saweetie was apparently entranced by her nails made by Temeka Jackson. While gushing about the transparent nails with intricate designs on Instagram, the “Icy” rapper wrote, “Still not over these !! @customtnails1 the 🐐.”

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion is no stranger to showcasing her new set of nails to her Instagram followers. This time, the H-town Hottie highlighted 3D decal nails that featured a Hello Kitty, Chanel logo, jewels, and more.

Cardi B

If it's one thing Cardi B gon’ do, she gon’ give us a nail hunni! Cardi loves a long nail and back in August, the mother of two had our jaws on the floor after she posted a blingy red set with spiral nails on her ring fingers.


We love a SZA lewk! In a series of photos, SZA gave fans a look at her pink jelly nails with squiggly lines designed on them.

Justine Skye

Justine Skye kept things simple, yet chic with her French manicure. The singer gave fans a close-up of her French manicure with brown tips in a coffin shape.

Featured image by Lizzo/Instagram

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