8 Tank And The Bangas Songs To Add To Your Playlist If You're Feeling "DM Pretty"

8 Tank And The Bangas Songs To Add To Your Playlist If You're Feeling "DM Pretty"

In 2019, Grammy-nominated Tank and the Bangas released their second live album, Live Vibes 2 (Live). On this album, Tank begins her song “DM Pretty,” with a spoken word poem that discusses the problem of being seen as beautiful only on social media or being told about it only through secrecy. Early this year, her infamous riff of “this boy be in my DM say I’m pretty,” took TikTok by storm and became the new audio clip worth putting on any video of a beautiful girl’s page.

The poem and clip conclude with Tank stating that although the compliment was appreciated, it was unnecessary, because “she already knew that.” Her beauty is not and would not be defined by someone’s late-night 2 a.m. discovery.

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Now, many wonder who this trailblazer is, igniting herself and others in a relentless form of self-love and setting the bar for those who shower her in misguided affection. To understand who Tank truly is, it’s time to get out of her DMs and into her discography.

Here are the top 8 Tank and the Bangas songs that will keep you out of her DMs, unless it is to state that her music should have been found years ago.

1. "To Be Real" (feat. Hasizzle, Keedy Black & Big Choo)

In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Tank and the Bangas had me by the throat when they released the EP Friend Goals. On this EP was the track “To Be Real,” a song that from the moment it begins will have you bobbing from side to side, only to get up and shake your ass a minute later. Her lyrics tell of a house party, her music makes you feel like you’re having one in New Orleans, Louisiana. By the time the song ends, you will be out of breath and happy for the dance break.

2. "Spaceships"

“Money. Look at all the money. Look at the money, money fallin’’ from the sky.”

This song is just plain fun, as it should be given its theme. This song is like a pat on the back when one understands they have finally accomplished their goal of reaching the charts. Tank and her crew choose to simply throw their money up and enjoy their riches, rediscovering themselves back home, where it all began, rather than lavishly spending it and wasting it on expensive items and destinations. Though, she does consider the idea of pointlessly wasting it all. Thanks to Mark Batson's incredible beat, the children's catchy chorus, and the pure delight of oneself, this song will be in your head for days.

3. "Boxes and Squares"

One thing about Tank is that she is extremely aware of her value; in fact, she is occasionally forced to remind her suitor when he forgets. In this song, she takes the time to tell her ex all of the wonderful things she could have been for him. She is no longer interested in the nothingness he can offer, however, as a result of his constant falsehoods, jokes, closed-off demeanor, and immature desires. He simply offers empty boxes and loops of never-ending mediocrity, while she embodies everything that healthy cultivation entails. Tank makes it abundantly clear, she's the bar.

4. "Dope Girl Magic"

It's crazy how simple things may seem when you're really good at them. Tank tells her audience that being this dope is almost too simple as she slickly follows along with the music. She may grow a little tired of it all because it is so simple. Yet, that doesn't stop her from being boastful and bragging about how talented she and her bangas are. She is limitless. She is extraordinary, and she is only beginning. Her group is distinct in its excellence, and she knows it. Some might be great, but their type of great is so different that it's unattainable by others.

5. "No ID"

What a groovy song, and an even better message. "No ID" sends the crystal-clear message to any would-be suitor: I'm not interested. Tank compares her admirer to someone who thinks she is so simple-minded that she will just fall for his old tactics with the help of some clever tropes. But she has dealt with men who seem to want her without truly working for it before, and she is too busy now to deal with them. Particularly when she is so familiar with the game's outcome. He needs to demonstrate his desire for her more clearly than he has, and he most definitely needs to provide proper ID.

6. "Heavy"

What a fantastic soulful track to accompany a fantastic soulful album. Tank and the Bangas is excellent because she feels confident in her abilities and desire. She knows exactly what she wants; in this case, she wants everything to hit her heavily. She desires an almost crushing pressure of connection, trust, communication, and love. She has a healthy longing for every moment to be remembered and cherished and a lover who wants the same.

7. "Fluff" (feat. DUCKWRTH)

In "Fluff," Tank and DUCKWRTH watch a young lady who seems to be addicted to fluff. She wants all of the drugs, the parties, the festivals, and everything else that is simply unimportant. In the end, they come to the realization that the girl is looking for something in all of life's joy, but is not successful in finding anything enjoyable. She sings about a woman who can never be satisfied and should be left behind over another 70s groove.

8. "Nice Things"

​Tank's only goal in this song is to gain appreciation. She, therefore, implores her lover to show her some kindness. He ought to take her dining out, shopping, to the beach, among other things. She merely wants some nice things, because she is conscious of her value.

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Tank and the Bangas' Pretty Poems EP is available now on all platforms.

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