A Vision Board Helped 'Glow' Actress Sydelle Noel Manifest Her Best Life
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A Vision Board Helped 'Glow' Actress Sydelle Noel Manifest Her Best Life

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There is power in having a plan. Being intentional about your vision is key in manifesting the life of your dreams, just ask Sydelle Noel. The would-be actress once dreamed of becoming a track star and had her eye on the Olympics until her dreams were stifled by a critical injury. When her ambitions of being a world-class athlete were ruined, she was clueless about her next move.

After working a number of unfulfilling jobs, she felt lost and unsatisfied. It wasn't until her manager mentioned sports modeling that she even considered a career in the industry. Sydelle went from being in sports commercials to starring in one of the biggest box office hits of the year, Black Panther. Now, Sydelle is the newest cast member, Glow and says that this is only the beginning.

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Sydelle does all of her own stunts, and says that her roles in Glow and Black Panther didn't come from sheer luck or by coincidence. Her big break through her very meticulous manipulation of the laws of attraction. The 32-year-old said that it's pretty much impossible to attain success when you haven't visualized success as it relates to you personally. She told Madame Noire:

"I feel like it's one thing wishing for something, but I feel like you can't just say, 'I want to be an actress.' I feel like you need to be very specific in what you want because you can be an actress, but what you're doing as an actress may not be what you wanted to be."

We all have goals and aspirations. The difference between the people who reach their goals and the ones that don't is usually clarity. Anyone can be rich, or own a business, but the person who understands that life is in the power of the tongue always wins. With the help of a friend, Sydelle literally spoke her dreams into existence.

The actress said that before she could manifest her best life, she had to be more specific as to what happiness really meant to her. Thanks to the suggestion of a homegirl, Sydelle created a vision board that encompassed some of her wildest dreams:

"So I would literally put exactly what I want on my vision board. It's not even a board right now. It's literally a hallway. If you walked by my wall, you would see pictures, you will see everything, and it's exactly what I want. I'm very specific in my dreams and what direction I want to go and I would say that to everybody. Like I tell my friends, when you're doing the vision board, be specific. You can't just say I want this, I want that, because it's truly the direction you want to go."

One by one, she's seen the images from her vision hallway manifest in her real life, but it didn't happen overnight. It's important to remember that having a plan doesn't mean bypassing the pain that comes along with self-discovery. Making your vision a reality will not be easy, but Sydelle says it's worth it.

"It didn't come easy for me. I mean there were times where I didn't know how to pay my rent. There were times that I was really, really struggling and, you know, had to call my mom and be like, 'Hey, I don't have my rent this month.' So I don't take that for granted at all."

Growing up in a Catholic household, Sydelle says that her perseverance is rooted in faith. Even if you aren't particularly religious, you have to understand that the laws of attraction allow you to have anything in this world that you can imagine and then some. Anything that you speak, you will have.

A little more than a decade ago, Sydelle had been offered a full ride to the University of Georgia on a track scholarship. Her athletic training and career-ending injury put her on track to become our generation's first and only black female action star.

"My entire goal in this entertainment business is to be an action hero, because literally, I can't really name an African-American female that's an action hero. ... Where do you have one that's constantly being used like the Rock or Charlize Theron? You don't have one that's constantly known as an action hero, and that's my total goal for this entertainment business."

Sometimes our goals have the potential to scare us into paralysis, leaving us to wallow in complacency and wonder "what if" for the remainder of our natural born lives. If you really want it, visualize it, write it down, and watch it come to fruition.

Once you believe in the power of your own ambitions and create a plan, nothing in this world can stop you, girl.

Featured image via Sydelle Noel / Instagram

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