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Spring Nails For The Aesthetic Girlie

It’s spring, and it’s time to blossom into our favorite pastel nail colors. We can finally part ways with dark, neutral tones, looking forward to colors that make us feel lighter in spirit. Spring is a time to lighten the mood with floral designs and other aesthetics. Soon, our social media feeds will be filled with tons of nail inspiration, giving us many options. However, we can also understand how time-consuming it can be to find the perfect nail design.

We’ve collected 10 of the trendiest nails for every aesthetic. Warning: choosing one of these designs may cause every girl to ask you where you got your nails inspo from. In those moments, it’s advised to remember us. You’ve been warned.

Subtle Pastel Girlie

So, if you want to ease into your pastel colors, we get it. This nail art is perfect for getting into the nail season without fully committing. We love the subtle flower design with nude undertones. This color palette is ideal for anyone looking to keep their “clean girl aesthetic” without being too dull. If the solid pink color is still too much for your liking, try opting for nude on all the nails and allowing the two floral design to have their moment. There are many ways to get into the season without stepping outside our comfort zone.

Chrome Flower Girl

This nail design is an absolute show-stopper! Make everyone blind every time you wave hello with this incredible chrome art. This design is unique because of the gorgeous mix of purples, pinks, and yellows. This design is for the girl ready to move on from winter and enter her “spring girl era.” As if the colors alone weren’t enough, the two floral designs are the icing on this already captivating work of art. Live spring out loud with this masterpiece!

Yellow Mellow

Yellow is a signature spring color. This design honors the season with various yellows, making it stand out. Each pigment adds contrast to the design. This color scheme makes us want to break up with the typical nude aesthetic that has been around for way too long. Move forward and be the spotlight with the incredible yellow design.

Short But Mighty

Calling all of my short-nail girls! Yes, the rumors are true - we can have fun too. Short nails get a bad rap for not being as flashy as long nails. This design put those rumors to rest with its adorable pastel nail aesthetic. We love the hint of green complimented with pink floral nail art. This design is fun, classic, and refreshing for the upcoming season. Must have short nails for your job? No problem! Don’t lose out on feeling like that girl with this not-so-subtle nail art.

Pastel Anyone?

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls wear pastels! Can’t pick one pastel color for your next nail appointment? No worries! The beauty of nail art is that there are no rules. You can wear each pastel color on your fingertips with no regrets. This nail design proves just that with its impeccable color scheme matched with chrome to make things more interesting. Don’t stress yourself trying to find a design or pick a color. Do it all! You only live once, after all.

French Tip With A Twist

We love a classic white French tip as much as the next person, but in 2024, we are stepping it up! This pastel French tip will have all the girls screaming. Become mesmerized by the swirls of pinks, blues, and yellows across your tips. With this nail design, you’ll have anyone under your spell.

Easter Treat

Easter isn’t over until we say it’s over! This adorable Easter-inspired design will have you leaping into spring. Just look at those cute bunnies complimented with Easter eggs! The colors, design, and festive aesthetic have us jumping for joy. This design also has a nice balance of nudes, which can be great for anyone who wants to have fun with their nails and stay committed to neutral tones. This design has something everyone can appreciate, from the nail art girlie to the neutral girlie.

Simple Spring Chic

We have the perfect nail inspiration for you if you want to keep things clean and classic. This simple nail color eases into the season while still maintaining a classic touch. Let your jewelry be the glam when rocking this clean nail color.

Flower Girl

This design truly captures spring without words. From the colors to the flowers, there isn’t a part of this design that isn’t refreshing. The hues of pink alone give us soft girl Barbie vibes. Let your hands do all the talking with this perfect nail art.

Seeing Things Clearly

Finally, winter is behind us, and the spring sun allows us to see things clearly - just like this nail design! Clear nails have not gotten enough respect until now. These gel x clear spring nails are all you need to set the tone for the season. Colorful flowers are the main vocal point of the design while remaining simple. This design is a breath of fresh air we’ve all been waiting for. Welcome to spring!

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