5 Summer Sixteen Nail Trends You Need to Rock This Summer
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5 Summer Sixteen Nail Trends You Need to Rock This Summer

Summer ’16 is here and in full effect. Whether you’re getting ready for a summer beach getaway or you want to flex those new sandals for the ‘gram, a pretty manicure/pedicure is a staple during the summer. Now is the time to let loose and have a little fun with your nail polish. Hang up those vampy hues and get on trend with this summer’s latest shades.

Lemonade Inspired

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know just how influential Queen Bey's new album, Lemonade, is. From that iconic yellow dress in "Hold Up" to the wide brimmed black hat in Formation, Beyoncé is inspiring more than just fashion. Wanna rock a Lemonade-inspired mani? Check out my picks below!

Summer Sunset by Orly

I Just Can't Cope-Acabana by OPI

Jaune Babouche 62 by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

White Out

There is nothing more gorgeous to me than white nail polish against Black skin. Celebs like Zoe Saldana, Rihanna, and Beyonce have all rocked the bold white mani. The bad thing about white nail polish is that's notorious for being hard to apply. To avoid, make sure to choose a high quality base coat. Each coat of nail polish should be completely dry before adding another coat. Another way to avoid a streaky white manicures is to paint one coat of white nail polish, followed by a matte top coat, then additional coats of white polish.

Blanc by Essie

Snow White by Zoya

Cotton Buds by butter London

Neon Brights

Bright neon colors look gorgeous against brown skin. My personal favorites are neon green and orange. Neon colors have a tendency to look a bit muted once it’s painted on your nails, so paint a white coat of nail polish before your neon shade to make it really pop!

Electrifying by Coloured Raine

OPI’s Precisely Pink

Formula X’s Game Changer

Pretty in Pastel

Pastel shades aren’t just for spring. Instead of Easter pinks and greens, step outside the box with pastel purple, blue, and yellow. Slay in these pastel shades:

Caution by Polish & Co,

That’s Hula-rious by OPI,

Calm Down Girl by Ginger + Liz.

In the Nude

Companies are finally getting the memo that their nude shades are definitely not one color fits all. Wave bye-bye to the streaky beige shades of yesteryear, and say hello to warm chocolate browns and creamy mauves. My nude picks:

Bernadette Thompson’s Cashmere

Essie’s Very Structured

Black Up’s Nude Hazelnut

What are your favorite summer shades? Let us know in the comments!
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