Rihanna Just Secured A $25 Million Bag, Plus 6 Other Money Moves She Made In 2019

Rihanna isn't a businessman. She's a business, man.


Rihanna isn't a businessman. She's a business, man. After being named the richest musician in the world, securing a history-making collaboration with one of the biggest luxury brands on the planet, and releasing a 504-page autobiography, it's safe to say that queen Rih has given us our entire lives in 2019. Recent reports suggest that her latest collaboration with Amazon is coming to snatch all the edges we have left.

The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that that the industry giant just cut our favorite Bajan bad gal one helluva check in exchange for more than 1,000 hours of footage that will later be released as a documentary. The project will feature an "unfiltered look at Rihanna's life" through the lens of director, Peter Berg, who previously collaborated with the entertainer on the set of Battleship.

Rih's transition into the film industry is proof that there's no bag Rihanna can't get into, and at this point, f*ck an album. (I'm lying. We need R9 in 2020, sis). The multihyphenate hustler has proved time and time again that she's more than just an entertainer, and if 2019 was any indication of what's to come of Rih's greatness, the industry better get ready for a bad girl take over in the new year.

Scroll below to be hella inspired by six major money moves this Bajan boss made this year:

1.Collaborating With LVMH Maison

If there's history to be made, Rihanna is here to make it and her collaboration with LVMH is proof of this. In May, Rihanna skipped the Met Gala and became the first woman to launch a fashion house with the world's largest luxury brand, instead.

2.Releasing Her Autobiography


In October, Rihanna released her 15-pound, 504-page autobiography that featured 1,000 never-before-seen photos proving that finally posting those old pics on your phone might be a better idea than you thought.

3.Live-streaming The Savage x Fenty Fashion Show On Amazon Prime Video

Sorry, Victoria's Secret. Rihanna obliterated the lingerie game when she announced that the Savage x Fenty show (which she says has been the best to-date) would officially be available to stream on Amazon Prime.

4.Expanding Her Already Inclusive AF Beauty Brand

Pencils and palettes and pigment! Oh my! Rihanna upgraded her already inclusive AF beauty brand with hella new products, including but not limited to 10 new shades and the Pro Filt'r Hydrating Longwear foundation for dry skin types.

5.Co-starring In 'Guava Island'

We didn't know we needed to see Rihanna and Childish Gambino fall in love in an on-screen, fictional romance. But we got it, and we're grateful.

6.Raising $5 Million For Charity

Rih knows that a queen looks out for her people and the entertainer uses the Clara Lionel Foundation as a means to do exactly that. At this year's Diamond Ball, the 31-year-old mogul brought out stars like Pharrell Williams, DJ Khaled, Issa Rae, and Megan Thee Stallion to raise more than $5 million to support the foundation's global and emergency response programs around the world.

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