The One External Pressure Point That Can Unlock Better Orgasms
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The One External Pressure Point That Can Unlock Better Orgasms

Getting off is a matter of applying pressure to the right places.


There are undoubtedly two things in life that we’re always chasing – our next bag and our next orgasm. But, as you might’ve heard a handful of times by now, orgasms during partnered sex for vulva-having folks can prove to be difficult for various reasons, all of which can be chalked up to time management. For a clitoral orgasm, our partners must spend more time warming up the clitoris before we can reach an orgasm. And even still, in solo sex, it can prove occasionally difficult for us to get ourselves exactly where we want to be.

Nevertheless, there’s a cheat code for orgasms! This tried and true trick (plus hoisting my hips up with a pillow) tends to get me to the destination before I can even finish the countdown. So, what trick might I be talking about? Admittedly, it is less of a 'trick' and more of a 'pressure point.' In fact, it’s been suggested by experts that applying pressure below or on the bladder will ignite your orgasm.

Apply Pressure to Your Lower Belly for Better Orgasms

Even if you’ve never heard this pressure point, you may have likely experienced it if you’re someone who explores physical touch, especially while engaging in solo sex. But how? Why? And, do our partners know about this pressure point for better orgasms? This external pressure point is so incredible and effective because of the size of the g-spot/clitoris. Perhaps you’ve heard the comparison of a clitoris to an iceberg? This is because only a small percentage of the clitoris is accounted for externally when, in actuality, there’s more than meets the eye!

The g-spot and the clitoris are truly one large structure with different operating systems based on their location. The g-spot cannot be seen externally, as it wraps around the urethra, making the bladder an extremely sensitive and erotic place to touch for both penis-having and clitoris-having people. Think of a partner that’s gone down on you while holding your lower tummy and then think about the great sense of pleasure that you may have felt. If you really give it some thought I assure you that you’re having an NSFW, bone-chilling sex flashback as we speak.

And if you’ve yet to experience this superb sensation, I invite you to try it out… immediately! I would also encourage you to try exploring this sensation alone. As much as I myself enjoy it, it may not be a sensation that others enjoy (just like I’ve come across people who don’t allow themselves to squirt or generally ejaculate because they don’t like the mess that it leaves behind).

But I’d also like to add, that if and when you decide to try this posturing with a partner (or hell, even without), it’s an excellent pressure point to hit for those of you that are into edging.

Whatever, whenever, and however you choose to give this external pressure point a go, don't ever say I didn’t do anything for you.

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