A Viral Sex Toy Changed The Way I Look At Vibrators

A Viral Sex Toy Changed The Way I Look At Vibrators

The emergence of a week-long tension headache told me that I needed to figure out a way to minimize and relieve my stress. In addition to daily magnesium supplements and meditation, I also found myself wanting to orgasm (the health benefits are hard to ignore) and do so at least every other day.

I was determined to set the mood and engage in some erotic self-focus by way of masturbation, and I wanted to do so with a little more variety than my wand vibrator provides. My commitment to almost daily masturbation was affirmed even further with the arrival of what would become my new favorite sex toy, the viral Lovers’ Thump & Thrust Dual Vibrator.

On that particular day, I couldn’t wait to experiment with it. I turned off the lights. I lit my White Lotus scented candle. I brought out my go-to lube. I pressed “play” on my sensual sounds playlist and I created a vibe to connect while making love to myself. What transpired was some of the best, most orgasmic experiences I’ve had with myself in a while, and it would be the catalyst of reminding me of how sexual and sensual I am even without a human. I have so much unyielding power to please myself and evoke the most intense orgasms by daring to indulge in erotic self-focus outside of partnered sex as well. I’ve never really been into dildos (or anything that requires vaginal insertion other than a penis, IJS), but color me newly reformed.

And just in case you are in the mood to do some shopping for your solo sex endeavors, here’s why the Lovers’ Thump & Thrust Dual Vibrator needs to be número uno on your list.

First things first: the thrusting.

Although technically a dildo (being that it's phallic-shaped), the Lovers’ Thump & Thrust Dual Vibrator is more commonly referred to as a “thrusting vibrator.” Now that thrusters are also trending in the sex toy realm, this toy, in particular, feels like a new way to experience the typical vibrator. Thrusting turns things up a few notches, literally. For me, one of the most intimidating things to me about penetrative sex toys is the shape (and sometimes size). The thrusting action is just enough, so despite what its name suggests, it’s not “thumping” you like crazy. Instead, it’s the right amount of depth that makes you feel filled without sacrificing the pleasure.

The dual-action is action-ing. 

Something I loved about the toy was the fact that I could indulge in the feeling of being filled while having my clitoris catered to at the speed I needed to climax. With seven thrusting speeds and three different types of vibrations, playing with the levels made it easy to heighten and lessen the intensity I was feeling. This also made it the perfect way to practice edging while masturbating. The settings made it so easy to slow down or speed up, whichever was my preference. I was able to prolong my solo experience in ways that my wand doesn’t often allow.

Similar to the highly sought-after Rabbit sex toy, the dual-action is definitely action-ing with this toy. While the penetrative portion thrusts, the external portion is perfectly positioned at your clitoris, providing vibrations both internally and externally, creating the perfect symphony that gets you to that glorious crescendo. I’m in love, I’m in love.

It’s all about the g-spot, baby. 

As previously mentioned, most sex toy users are well-versed in the variety of different external vibrators out there in the market and probably even own one or two. A new kid on the sex toy block is the air pulse toys known for their ability to replicate the clitoris suction feeling of receiving cunnilingus. Using a sex toy crafted to hit that g-spot is uncharted territory for me, but boy am I glad I found it! With its curved and textured shaft, the Thump and Thrust Dual Vibrator not only takes care of you in terms of providing the clitoral stimulation for a clitoral orgasm, but it also makes a g-spot (or p-spot) and vaginal orgasm all the more palpable.

For that reason, it is a great way to learn about your body, discover what you enjoy and what you need vaginally, and ultimately what brings you to climax.

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