Magic Johnson's Son EJ Johnson Shares His Weight Loss Journey
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Magic Johnson's Son EJ Johnson Shares His Weight Loss Journey

Fabulous hunty!!!

Magic Johnson's son EJ has definitely been working his new look over the past year with a loss of 180 pounds. He's slimmed down and showed out on every red carpet he's hit and 50 of those pounds he lost within just two months.

On the first season of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, E.J. Johnson mentioned that he wanted to trim a few pounds by having weight loss surgery. Afterwards, he had gastric sleeve surgery, and he even chatted about his weight loss in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. According to his E.J., doctors removed 80 percent of his stomach and made it the size of a banana, but he says he still has to eat right and exercise regularly to maintain.

E.J. admitted that he was bullied when he was younger, but as an adult this was a decision that he made on his own, not because of what anyone else thought. He also said his dad was right there by his side in whatever choice he wanted to make about the surgery.

"Yeah, [I was bullied] a little bit when I was really young. As I grew older it was less teasing. It's not like I was bullied into doing this. No way. No one was messing with me when I was older.[My dad] was 100 percent supportive of course. He supports me in everything that I do. He's been one of my biggest cheerleaders."

He also revealed that he talked to Star Jones before his surgery and she gave him sound advice:

"She told me that it was definitely a tool for a whole new life. It was not something that was the easy way out by any means. This is not something that you do and then all of a sudden everything is gone and you're skinny and you're a new person. It's definitely a tool and something that you have to work at. You still have to work out. You have to eat right. You have to make the right choices."

He's definitely been working on it!

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