Kehlani Had Their Breast Implants Removed After Traumatic Experience
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Kehlani Had Their Breast Implants Removed After Traumatic Experience

While cosmetic surgery such as breast implants are more normal than ever before, many people don’t talk about the potential health issues that come along with it. Kehlani recently appeared on Big Boy’s Neighborhood to promote their new album Blue Water Road and during the interview, they revealed why they decided to remove their breast implants after having them for only four years.

The Oakland-born star was 20 years old when they entranced everyone with their song “The Way,” and being young in the industry, they didn’t have the mindset that they do now. They admitted in the interview that they got the implants because of the negative comments people made about their body at that time. “I think I was 22 and I was at an age where I couldn’t see past what people thought about me,” Kehlani said. “I went and made a consultation. I was like this is gonna make me feel better and at the time for a while they were great. I loved them. They did what they needed to do for my confidence. They made me feel awesome. Then I started having all these symptoms of a woman 30 years older than me.”

Kehlani described having aches and pains in their body so bad that they had to take pain medication in order to go to sleep. They had many tests run but doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with them. There was one doctor, however, who asked whether they had implants and claimed that they may have breast implant illness. According to breastcancer.org, breast implant illness “is a term that some women and doctors use to refer to a wide range of symptoms that can develop after undergoing reconstruction or cosmetic augmentation with breast implants.” Those symptoms can range from memory and concentration problems to joint and muscle pain, all of which the 27-year-old singer said they experienced.

After learning about breast implant illness and realizing that their body was rejecting the implants based on how frequently they shifted, Kehlani knew it was time to take them out. “Literally, as soon as I got them removed, everything went away. When I woke up for a week straight without body aches I bawled hysterically,” they said.

For the most part, they kept the breast implant removal to themselves, however, fans began to notice, which prompted them to finally respond. Noting that they believe in choice and didn’t want to bash cosmetic surgery and people who have it, they was wanting to wait to have a more progressive answer to why they removed theirs. “I want to give people the option to know the other side of the information so that they can enter their decision with as many things to know as possible,” Kehlani said.

There are other celebrities who have shared that they too have removed their breast implants. Check them out below:

Christy Teigen

In May 2020, Chrissy Teigen posted on Instagram that she was ready to remove her breast implants. She wrote, “I’m getting my boobs out! They’ve been great to me for many years but I’m just over it. I’d like to be able to zip a dress in my size, lay on my belly with pure comfort!”

Ayesha Curry

In an interview with the now-defunct Working Mother, Ayesha Curry revealed that she got a breast augmentation after giving birth to her second daughter Ryan. She called it a botch job and shared in 2019 that she ended up getting them removed in a comment under Chrissy Teigen’s breast implant removal announcement. “Life-changing, you're gonna love it," she wrote. "I got mine out last year. They were making me so sick."

Adrienne Bailon

Singer and talk show host Adrienne Bailon opened up about getting breast implants on The Real when she was only 19. “I asked for a B and came out with a Double D,” she said. She later said she was “more embarrassed that people knew I was so insecure that I went and got breast implants” and ultimately got them removed.

Kehlani Talks Body Positivity, Removing Her Implants, Happiness, Health, and Identity | Interview

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