Yes, There Are Things That You Can Do To Get A Smooth Bikini Line
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Yes, There Are Things That You Can Do To Get A Smooth Bikini Line

If you read the title of this and were like, “Damn sis, we’re not even officially into spring yet” — yes, you would be correct. Actually what inspired this piece has nothing to do with bikini weather but a conversation I was having with a woman about how she’s super subconscious about oral action with her boo and it’s mostly because she doesn’t like how her bikini line looks.

Our day-one readers and supporters know that we do our best to cover as many “It’s not talked about publicly, so let’s talk about it” topics as possible. Plus, in the spirit of wanting as many women as possible to enjoy cunnilingus fully (just sayin’) while also getting their line right for the summer season, here are 12 things that you can do yourself to get your bikini line exactly how you want it to be.

1. Buy Panties That Actually Fit

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It’s wild how we’re always talking about how many women wear bras that don’t fit them properly (which is reportedly STILL holding at 80 percent; I know that I thought I was a DDD for years and I’m actually an H) yet it never seems to come up, just how many of us don’t want panties that fit as well as they should too.

Case in point, when I went for my latest waxing, I asked my waxer if a bump that I could feel right in the crease of one of my butt cheeks was an ingrown hair. She told me that it looked like a build-up of keratin from the elastic of my panties. She also said it happens often, especially if our panties are too tight or we sleep in them.

Welp, that is definitely a sign to keep sleeping naked (more on that later).

As far as knowing if your panties are too snug for your own good — if they leave marks; if they cause the skin around your hips to bulge out; if you’re getting wedgies often — you need to go up a size. For the sake of your bikini line and comfort, make sure that you do.

2. Exfoliate That Area

Ever since I’ve been going to either waxing or sugaring appointments, shaving is a thing of the past. However, my waxer (and when I go, sugar-er) tells me that I still need to exfoliate my bikini line after my appointment with her; then at least 3-4 times in between our next appointment. After the appointment, so that I can remove any tiny bits of wax that might be left behind that could potentially clog up my pores/hair follicles. In between appointments, in order to remove dead skin that could result in tiny bumps and ingrown hairs, if I’m not careful.

So, whether you are a shaver and need to do this in order to prep your skin for removing hair or you need to do it for the reasons I just said, make exfoliating your bikini line an absolute must. As far as what you should exfoliate with, a homemade sugar scrub like the ones YouTuber Whole Elise features in this video here should suit you just fine.

3. Attempt Some DIY Sugaring

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Speaking of sugaring, I’m actually a big fan of it (I just go to my waxer more because she’s more…accurate in removing all of the hair that I want to get rid of than my particular sugar-er is; plus, sugaring is oftentimes more expensive). Since the paste is made up of (usually) nothing other than sugar, lemon juice, and water, it contains no chemicals. It’s easier to make at home. And, since sugaring “sticks” to the hair and dead skin cells alone, it tends to be less painful than waxing (and leaves less skin irritation). Finally, a real plus is, if you’re looking for a method that leads to permanent hair removal over time, sugaring is that one.

4. Never Shave Against the Grain

Back in my shaving days, no matter how much I heard that I wasn’t supposed to cut against the grain of how my hair naturally grew, I stayed being hard-headed because I liked how close the shave was whenever I did it that way. When it comes to my legs (because I still shave those), ingrown hairs have never been an issue — oh, but when it comes to my bikini line? Yeah, that was a hot ass mess.

So, even if you know this rule already, because it is one of the greatest causes of razor-related mayhem, it really is a good idea to remember the cut in the direction that your hair actually grows. Also, as far as your razor itself goes, believe it or not, you are supposed to replace it with another one no less than every seven shaves. So yeah, the one that’s been holding on for dear life in your shower? I’ve got a really strong feeling that it’s beyond time to give that up — stat.

5. Use Deodorant After Shaving

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Hmm. Now here’s something that might be your “something new” for the day. Were you aware of the fact that deodorant can be an awesome addition to shaving your bikini line? How in the world does that work? Good question. The aluminum that’s in deodorant contains astringent, antibacterial, and anti-sweating properties. So, if you swipe some deodorant onto freshly-shaven skin, it can help to keep the bacteria from your razor and the irritation that your bikini line might experience down to a minimum.

6.  Put Witch Hazel on Razor Burns or Razor Bumps

If there’s one thing that I think everyone should have at least two bottles of, it’s witch hazel. It’s cheap (you should be able to easily find a bottle for under five bucks). It’s easy to find (local drug and grocery stores carry it). And the skin benefits are totally off the charts! The properties in witch hazel are potent when it comes to reducing inflammation, soothing skin irritation, providing the top layers of your skin with antioxidants, and, thanks to the tannins that are in witch hazel, it can help to protect your skin from long-term surface-related damage too. All of this is why witch hazel is top-tier when it comes to using it as a skin astringent should you happen to notice any razor burns or razor bumps.

7. Soak in Some Apple Cider Vinegar Bathwater

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Okay, so there are powerful antimicrobial properties in apple cider vinegar that make it ideal if you’re looking for a way to bring relief to irritated skin or to restore the pH balance of your skin. This is why apple cider vinegar bath soaks are ideal if you’re fighting a yeast infection and why it’s also ideal if you want to speed up the healing process of razor burns or bumps that are around your bikini line. As a bonus, apple cider vinegar serves as a pretty effective exfoliant that’s able to remove the dead skin that may be clogging up your hair follicles; this too can also keep razor bumps from forming.

All you need to do is fill up your bath with really warm (but not super-hot) water. Pour in two cups of apple cider vinegar and soak for 20-30 minutes. A word of caution, though — if you’re tempted to dab some onto a cotton ball and apply it directly to your skin, words cannot express the kind of stinging that you’re in for. Moral of the story: apple cider vinegar should ALWAYS be diluted before applying it.

8. Try Silicone Gel Sheets on Other Scars

If you’re not familiar with what a silicone gel sheet is, probably the best way to explain it is it’s an adhesive, made out of silicone, that you can apply directly to any scars that you have. Over time, the silicone will remove much of the irritation that’s associated with the scar as well as soften its appearance.

The cool thing about this option is silicone gel sheets are pretty easy to find. Two examples are the ones that Walgreens sells here and Walmart sells here.

9. Add Onion Extract Gel to Keloid Scars

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Something else that has been getting a lot of thumbs up lately, as far as scars are concerned, is onion extract gel. From what I’ve read and researched, the properties in onions help to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and even lighten dark marks over time. All of this is why some experts say that it’s an effectively all-natural way to treat keloid scars if you’ve got any around your bikini line region.

For the record, it won’t happen overnight (some keloids can take years to fully heal, if they ever do at all) but it is something to keep in mind if you’d prefer to take a holistic approach to them.

10.  Apply a Combo of Shea Butter and Tea Tree Oil Every Night

Whether you’re looking to heal razor bumps, even out the skin tone of your bikini line, or just keep that part of your body smooth and youthful-looking, I can personally vouch for the fact that a mixture of shea butter and tea tree oil will get you what you need.

The fatty acids, vitamins A, E, and F, antioxidants, and emollient (moisturizers that deeply hydrate your skin) properties of shea butter are great at soothing your skin as well as healing it and improving the appearance of your bikini line’s complexion.

As far as tea tree oil goes, the properties in it help to soothe inflammation (it’s pretty much an overnight solution for reducing the appearance of zits), kill bacteria, and help to heal dry skin and eczema-related symptoms.

I tend to mix a half teaspoon of shea butter with 1-2 drops of tea tree oil (a little goes a long way) and rub it on my bikini line. It’s been keeping it looking amazing ever since.

11. Get a Professional Vajacial

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Even with all of the at-home tips that I provided, I ain’t gonna lie to you — there is nothing like having a professional tend to your lady parts and this includes treating it to a facial (which is commonly called a “vajacial”) about once a season.

Typically what happens with a vajacial is an esthetician will apply a cleanser that’s specifically made for that area of your body. Then they will deeply exfoliate, remove any ingrown hairs, apply a mask that will help to tighten up the pores, and do a treatment that will help to even out your skin tone. Sometimes, they may recommend a chemical peel too.

My two cents? Take a picture of “her” before a vajacial and then take another one after it’s been done. When I tell you that it’s damn near like a day and night difference? I am absolutely NOT exaggerating.

12. Sleep Naked

We touched on this earlier but just because repetition can always be beneficial for memory’s sake — please sleep naked. Not only will your nether regions be thankful for a break from the underwear that you have on for hours on end, but there are also a bunch of other health-related benefits that come from doing it too including a regulation of hormones, a stabilization of body temperature, and a reduction of stress.

Do all of this and you’ll be well on your way to a fabulous bikini line — whatever you, umm, want/need it for. #wink

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