What Happened When I Got My Very First Brazilian Wax
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What Happened When I Got My Very First Brazilian Wax

Wax on, wax off.

Nothing prepared me for what I was getting myself into my first time getting my vagina waxed. A million thoughts raced through my head as the lady attempted to engage in conversation in attempt to take my mind off of the wrath I was about to feel from the wax. As I laid on the table and felt the hot wax on my pubic area, I had to ask myself, "E, why are we doing this again?"

Waxing was never something I wanted to do. I heard of people doing it, but didn't believe it was really for me. That was until I started having not-so-pretty results from shaving. I started experiencing irritation, bumps, darkening, and not to mention, when the hair grew back, I found myself sneaking a scratch whenever I had the chance. I'd scratch and pray I wouldn't get caught and become the next viral meme. There had to be a better way. I soon learned that I wasn't alone when it came to problematic shaving experiences. Women all over have been suffering for years; however, many seem to be more afraid of the pain associated with waxing than being stuck with bumps and irritation that came with shaving.

I was one of them until I wasn't.

So, waxing it was.

I tried to get a Brazilian a month prior, but nobody told me my hair had to be a certain length. Oh, the horror. I was forced to rock the the wolf look for an entire month. On the big day. I wore loose pants, ditched the panties, and showered for so long that my skin squeaked at the touch. I told the lady that it was my first time and to be gentle. She chuckled and said, "Don't worry, I'll take my time and I'll be gentle." (This convo definitely sounds like it was going in a different direction, doesn't it?) She started applying the wax.

At that point, there was no turning back. I was in it to win it.

She asked me about my life and what brought me in. I was sure it was obvious. My private area looked as if I could play connect the dots from the ingrown hairs and irritation. I got in one sentence, and when she pulled the first strip of cooled wax, I felt an indescribable feeling. I immediately closed my eyes and clinched my toes. The sound of the wax being pulled off didn't help. I was certain some of my skin ripped with it. I decided to sneak a peek and was blown away with the initial result.

Sure, it was painful, but it was a quick pain that seemed to subside almost instantly. The rest of the experience was much easier, as I talked my way through it all. She said, "All done with that side! Now turn around, lay on your stomach, and lift up your butt."

Yep, I decided to go all the way my first time, and to my surprise, the backdoor was a lot easier to clean than the front.

Now that I'm hairless and smooth as ever down there, I have to say, I love the look.

The results left me feeling clean and made for a much more aesthetically pleasing look and feel than at home shaving attempts. With all that being said, I definitely should've left a little something - just to attain a bit of my womanness. No offense to anyone who prefers a truly naked vagina, but I felt it looked very juvenile.

Either way, in that experience, I learned that a wax works best for me. Good thing, too. I was getting tired of having to sneak-n-scratch.

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