6 Ways To Keep Things Cool Even During The Hottest Sex

6 Ways To Keep Things Cool Even During The Hottest Sex

Things are heating up fast as we shift seasons. And, unless you’re already accustomed to the heat you may not be able to handle too much physical touch during the summer months when things are already so hot and sticky – never mind your love language. Though we may choose to dial back the PDA during the summer months, no one wants to feel like they have to dial back on sex. Whether you live in New York City where central air conditioning is hard to come by, simply don’t have AC, or you live in a state where things are so hot outside that nothing even matters on the inside, thisis for you!

When I participate in sweaty, sticky sex I want to know that it’s solely hot and nasty because we made it that way. Otherwise, it just feels…gross. Whatever you do, don’t mistake this for me yucking your yum if this is your thing – there are a lot more kinks and they’re far more strange. I’m just speaking to those to who this article speaks. With that said, there’s no need to abstain just because it’s summer. Ugh, ugh. These are the times that sexscapades are made for.

So, here are 6 ways to keep sex – sexy and cool – in the midst of the summer heat.

1. Pack It Up

To keep things cool while you turn up the heat, you can get creative and use ice packs. Or if you don’t have any and know a dick appointment is coming through, you can throw a water bottle in the freezer. You can even just use some ice! Add the cooling pack to your foreplay for sexy measure and not only will you cool down, but the hot and cold sensations will make for a more than pleasurable experience. Turn this tip up a notch by putting your sex toys in the freezer.

2. Hands Off

Instead of penetrating one another with your God-given parts, try either masturbation or some light petting and self-pleasure. If you’ve never tried mutual masturbation, there’s no time like the present to begin. Alternatively, you can allow your partner to help you reach a place of pleasure by allowing them to use one of your toys on you.

3. Back to Basics

Grab a dry, clean rag and run it through ice-cold water. What's even better is if you can swing a little water bucket bedside filled with ice! You can even put some of the ice in a cloth and allow it to melt on your partner's body. The cloth will add an additional sensation to the mix, further intensifying things.

4. Make It Wet

Perhaps you’re on a little sneaky link getaway or baecation, perhaps it’s a staycation. Wherever you are, know that water is your friend and make great use of it. To keep temperatures cool, try having sex in a body of water, be it the ocean, pool, or even as small as your shower/bath.

Do beware that shower sex isn’t for the faint of heart – it requires a little bit of sacrifice or creativity so as not to leave one person out hanging. You’ll also want to use an alternative to water-based lubricants as water on water will render your lube useless. If you are with a trusted partner with who you don’t use latex condoms, oil-based lubricants are definitely a-go. If not, you’ll want to use a silicone-based lubricant.

5. Miss the Missionary

Certain positions require far too much skin-to-skin contact – missionary is one of them. When it's hot af, consider keeping it doggy-style or even reverse cowgirl in order to best beat the heat. This will minimize the heat-radiating touches and maximize the pleasure, as positions like doggy-style always seem to do.

6. Car Sex

If you can afford the splurge with gas prices the way they are, this is an easy fix. Take to the car and crank up the AC, recline the passenger side chair or hop in the backseat – whatever pleases you. Extra cool points if you work out where the car play occurs during or after sunset for a bit of added privacy and a nice breeze.

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