Cam Newton Gives Us A Peek Into His Million-Dollar Closet And How He Styles Himself For The Day
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Cam Newton Gives Us A Peek Into His Million-Dollar Closet And How He Styles Himself For The Day

Cam Newton’s style has been a topic of conversation for many years. From his bold patterns and mixed prints to his extravagant hats, people have often wondered how he was able to put his looks together. Whether you love it or hate it, the 2015 NFL MVP is sharing the deets into his styling process. Cam recently uploaded a video on his YouTube page where he gave viewers a peek into his one-million-dollar closet while explaining how he picks out an outfit for each day.

“The hardest thing may be where do you start. Starting may be..Do I start with the shoes? You can. Can I start with the pants? You can. Can I start with the shirt? Like, yes, yes, yes, you can,” he suggested. “So, that's the hardest thing. Like, for me, so now I make my shit simple. So, it’s like I just start with whatever the picture tells me to start with.”

Cam Newton/ YouTube

Before picking out an outfit for the day (he typically begins this process the night before), the Atlanta native looks through his “digital scrapbook,” which is filled with photos he saved from Instagram and magazines, and uses that as a starting point for what to wear. The video shows Cam going through his closets, which are also on two separate floors, looking for clothes to complete the look from the photo, which shows a man wearing a brown sports coat, button-down collar pinstripe dress shirt, and a brown, blue, and cream tie.

Cam Newton/ YouTube

While it may seem that it would be hard to keep track of multiple closets with two floors, Cam has a system where he divides everything into sections, such as sports coats, sets, etc. His pieces range from a Dapper Dan original to thrifted clothing. “I do not have to shop another day in my life and trust me, I will always have on a style that is current,” he said.

Cam Newton/ YouTube

As he continued putting pieces together, he shared how he believes that an outfit should have details and layers no matter the weather. Cam has become somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to accessories. We’ve seen him rock a wide variety of hats, scarves, and glasses. “I love flair, I love pop, I love shebang,” he explained while adding a lapel to his sports coat. The former Carolina Panthers quarterback shared that he got into accessorizing with glasses because he wore glasses growing up. However, he got LASIK surgery, and while he didn’t need glasses anymore, he began feeling “naked” without them.

The Final Look

Cam Newton/ YouTube

Overall, Cam describes his process of getting dressed, sans a stylist, as being intentional. “My intentions, when I’m getting dressed for myself, is so intentional to what I am and what I’m doing that I already know what kind of look and feel that I’m going for,” he noted.

Cam Newton's $1 MILLION DOLLAR Closet Tour *It has 2 floors*

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