Cam Newton Raves Over His Relationship With Jasmin Brown: 'There's Nothing We Can't Talk About'
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Cam Newton Raves Over His Relationship With Jasmin Brown: 'There's Nothing We Can't Talk About'

Former NFL MVP and Funky Friday podcast host Cam Newton recently shared insight into his relationship with comedian and social media influencer Jasmin Brown.

The couple has reportedly been together since 2021, after being spotted at numerous events and their flirty social media interactions. Over the years, Newton and Brown have kept their union relatively private by not sharing too much information regarding their bond online other than discussing the dynamics surrounding their relationship in interviews.

In the past, the actress revealed that, in general, she would submit to her partner and cater to their needs whenever she is in a relationship. Fast forward to July 2023, during Cam’s recent discussion with Kash Doll on his Funky Friday podcast, Newton opened up about the duo's relationship in regard to honesty and communication.

Cam On His Relationship With Jasmin

In the interview, Newton explained that since being with Brown, they became each others' best friends and have gotten so close that there is no sense of privacy between them.

The 34-year-old revealed that the couple do almost everything together, including going to the bathroom.

"First off, with me and mine, she already know. It ain't no privacy," he said while mentioning the pair's specific saying about their past dating life. "We [are] in there together. That's our thing. I know this is TMI, but that's my dawg. We got the saying where we're like, 'we're two retired thots that came together.' We see both of our jerseys in the rafters...Hers got more dust on it than me. Mine recently just went up there."

Further into the conversation, Newton added that the pair's bond is so strong that he and Brown find ways to make a joke about anything, including their dating preferences.

Cam On How In Tune He Is With Jasmin 

As the topic shifted to how in tune Newton is with his partner, the star shared that because of his closeness with Brown, which stems from their constant communication, he could always tell when something isn't right without looking for clues on her phone.

"We had our day. I like talking. We're in tune. I'm so in tune that there's nothing we can't talk about. I think that's what's most important," he stated. "There's no hiding, nothing. You know I don't go through phones. I don't do that. The thing is for me, I know my partner so much, that I have to know triggers that uh uh, she ain't right."

With this new revelation, Newton and Brown have successfully showcased how open communication, honesty, and providing limited access to their relationship has benefitted them in the long run despite the mixed reactions they have received from the public because of the former Carolina Panthers quarterback’s history with the mothers of his children.

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