Angela Bassett Breaks Down Her 3 Best Beauty Secrets That Keep Her Looking Flawless
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Angela Bassett Breaks Down Her 3 Best Beauty Secrets That Keep Her Looking Flawless

While Angela Bassett doesn’t like when people tell her she looks good for her age, we can’t help but revel in her ageless appearance. At 64, the twice Oscar-nominated actress looks like she did in her breakout role as Tina Turner in the 1993 film What’s Love Got to Do with It. The internet began buzzing about her beauty again after a resurfaced clip of Angela spilling her beauty secrets began making its rounds.

The TikTok was taken from a tweet: "Angela Bassett should’ve been Oscar-nominated for this clip of her revealing the 3 things you must do to look like her.” However, the clip is from a 4-year-old interview with TV host Lalia Muhammad.

We broke down the mother of two’s beauty secrets below:

Go to an Esthetician

Angela says she loves “a good esthetician.” Estheticians can help beautify your skin through facials, chemical peels, and other skin treatments. “I wear a lot of makeup all the time but your face, your canvas, present it to the world, and you're good,” she said.

Clean Eating (Most of the Time)

Like Angela said (which is backed by science), “you can outeat any exercise routine.” She continued, “So, you gotta eat right, clean, every–at least 85% of the time. So, follow a plan. Not one that’s too restrictive. I happen to follow one that sort of cycles through.”

The Black Panther actress gave us the rundown on her eating habits. “Like Monday, Tuesday, I may eat carbs, fruit,” she said. “Tuesday, Wednesday I may do protein, veggies, veggies every day. No fats those four days and then the last three days I flood it with fat, good fat though.” Those good fats include “coconut oil, salmon, almonds, almond butter, olive oil, [and] walnut oil.” She also doesn’t eat dairy or bread flour but will do sprouted bread such as Ezekiel bread.


Lastly, Angela works out with a personal trainer every day. “I gotta pay, so I will show up because I don’t want to waste my money,” she explained. “So I gotta be accountable and somebody’s there waiting for me ‘cause I know myself and I will talk myself out of going.”

She also described what her workouts consist of. “Monday, Tuesday I’ll do cardio,” she said. “Wednesday, Thursday because I’m eating protein I’ll do strength building, and then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, when I’m eating all that fat it’s about deep breathing, a massage, or yoga."

However, she clarified, "I don’t do yoga. I go for the massage.”

3 Things You Must Do to Look Like Angela Bassett

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