5 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong Before And After A Brazilian Wax

5 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong Before And After A Brazilian Wax


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If you get Brazilian waxes regularly, chances are you are accustomed to the process. That means you know exactly when to take a deep breath right before each strip is removed (I know, the pain is quick but real) and you also know how much time it'll be before you're due for another session. You've probably got a good rapport with your waxer and, if you're like me, love to chat it up every time you see her. But no matter how experienced you are with the process, there might be a few missteps you're making before and after every session.

Here are some common faux pas you could be making when it comes to getting a Brazilian, and how to do better for your next session.

1) Drinking Coffee or Alcohol Before Your Appointment

You might not have known this, but sipping on any kind of stimulant before your wax can and will make the process more uncomfortable. Coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol can cause the pores on your skin to tighten...and not to mention, it makes you more anxious. So next time, schedule your coffee date or happy hour meet-up for after your wax appointment. You'll notice the difference!

2) You're Wearing The Wrong Underwear!

After a wax, it's crucial to make sure you're wearing the right undergarments, especially if you'll be out and about afterward. Cotton underwear is best to wear post-wax since it's a natural and breathable fabric. Many of the underwear you might have in your drawer that you think is 100% cotton may surprisingly have a blend of other synthetic fabrics that could irritate freshly-waxed skin. So be sure you pick out a pair of undies that fits the bill before heading to your session. You could also go commando while wearing a light, breathable outfit like a maxi dress!

3) You're Having Sex Right After Your Wax

I know, I know. This one's a tough one to accept since the only thing that comes close to feeling rejuvenated by a fresh wax is showing it off to your boo. But unfortunately, having sex right after a Brazilian wax will do more harm than good. "Sex right after a wax is going to cause you to sweat and open you up to bacteria getting into your freshly waxed pores," says European Wax Center's senior manager of field training Deidra Green. "So we just recommend that you would wait at least 24 hours. Now, we all know that there are people out there who are going to test that. So my advice is if you're going to participate in these activities, make sure that you are able to shower immediately after, and that you're using something like our ingrown hair serum or the ingrown hair wipes immediately afterward to lessen the chances of a breakout."

4) You're Not Exfoliating Enough

A freshly waxed bikini area is a wonderful thing, but like anything else, you have to maintain it. Using a quality exfoliating product in between waxes does wonders for keeping dead skin cells at bay and the skin on your pubic area smooth and supple. European Wax Center also offers some exfoliating products that work double-time by also slowing down the growth of the hair. If you're a veteran with Brazilian waxing and exfoliation isn't already a part of your routine, shop some of the brand's gentle yet effective exfoliants that will help maintain and prepare your skin pre-wax.

5) You're Waiting Too Long In Between Waxes

Contrary to popular belief, waxing isn't supposed to be excruciatingly painful. So if it is, it might mean you need to up the frequency of your wax sessions. European Wax Center's expert and corporate field trainer Stacie Harding says "your first wax will be uncomfortable, however maintaining a consistent waxing regimen of every 3-4 weeks will ensure that each experience is more tolerable." So if you're going 4 weeks in between waxes and find yourself wanting to tap out after every strip, talk to your waxer about coming every 3 weeks instead.

Visit waxcenter.com for more tips and to book for very first wax for free.

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