Women Are Shooting Their Shot On Twitter And Receiving Surprising Responses From Men

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You know what they say, fortune favors the bold.

We easily step into the role of go-getter when it comes to pursuing our dream jobs, putting the time in at the gym to work on our fitness, and landing that deluxe apartment in the sky. As an independent woman and a girl boss in the making, whatever we want, we get it. But how willing are some of us out here to apply that same lesson to our love lives?

I, for one, am all for women shooting their shot and making the first move when it comes to love.

According to a study conducted by dating site OKcupid, women who make the first move have better dating success.

Enter the shoot your shot challenge.

Earlier this week, award-winning sex and relationships blogger Oloni took to Twitter to encourage women to put themselves out there to guys who've piqued their interest but they might have been too scared to make a move. She tweeted:

"Ladies ask that guy you fancy out on a date and tweet me a screenshot of his response."

The responses were incredible! Go get him girls!

Check out what happened when these ladies decided to shoot their shot.

This woman's potential bae loved her directness and was waiting for her at the door.

This woman's potential bae asked her if he could be dessert to their full course meal.

This woman's potential bae was ready to go out that very moment.

This woman's potential bae revealed he had his eyes on her for a while.

This woman's potential bae was ready and waiting.

But with every win in the dating game, there is the potential to acquire an L or two along the way. Especially when you put yourself out there.

This woman's potential bae revealed he was getting married and my heart broke for her.

And this one's reached out to her crush and he revealed he was gay.

Shoot Your Shot 2017 acts as a reminder that the answer will always be “no" if you don't have the confidence to ask. It also stood as a perfect example of how things could go right when you put yourself out there, but with the reality that things could also go wrong. But the biggest lesson from these brave ladies' screenshots? Life rewards you when you have the courage to ask for what you want. Especially in love.

Ladies, do you shoot with guys that catch your eye? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below.

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