Winnie Harlow Shares The Self-Care Practice That Keeps Her Grounded

Winnie Harlow Shares The Self-Care Practice That Keeps Her Grounded

Supermodel Winnie Harlow is known for walking in runway shows for some of the top designers and starring in various fashion campaigns. But fashion aside, the Cay Skin founder is just an island girl who enjoys the beach and going after her dreams. The Canadian entrepreneur, who has Jamaican heritage, lives a fast-paced life that includes a lot of traveling for work, but at the end of the day, she always makes sure that she remains grounded.

Growing up, she would visit her dad in Jamaica twice a year, and one of the things she always looked forward to was going to the beach. Now, at 29 years old, she still feels a connection when she goes to the beach, and she uses it as a self-care practice. Winnie opened up about her life and career with Jackie Aina on her YouTube channel.

“Just being near the ocean. Just being in the ocean. Being on the beach, it just represents my culture,” she said. “I feel like too, and it also makes me feel grounded. And looking out into the ocean, you realize how small you really are, and I think that kinda put things into the perspective.” For Winnie, the ocean “feels like home.”

Self-care for Winnie has become an essential part of her life and one of the things she does to help preserve her mental health is saying no. The supermodel shared an experience she had after walking in her very first runway show. While she was backstage, Winnie, who has vitiligo, was asked by a photographer to take a photo backstage. She obliged, but what he did next, left her astounded.

“He walks away and comes back with an iron board with a cow print on it,” she said suggesting that he wanted her to take a photo with it. “I could of cried in that moment. I’m not that girl. I just held it and I was like, okay like, no.”

She continued, “I feel like dealing with those situations has helped definitely made me respect myself a lot more.”

As Winnie continues to build her sun care line, Cay Skin, she is also putting more effort into her mental health after realizing how important it is, especially with having a hectic schedule. She closed out her chat with Jackie by sharing one piece of advice about self-care.

“I posted something on my [Instagram] Story recently, and it really touched me. It said something like your mental health is more important than anything. More important than your career, more important than making money, any of those things,” she said.

“And I always say you can’t pour into others from an empty cup, so making sure that you are spending that time with yourself and making sure you’re okay. Because while yes your family, your friends, your job, all of those things are very important, you can’t get the best out of those things, and you can’t give your best into those things if you are not working from a full cup.”

Self Care with Jackie Aina ft. Winnie Harlow

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