This Photo Of LeBron’s Daughter Reminds Us That Little Girls Run Their Daddies
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This Photo Of LeBron’s Daughter Reminds Us That Little Girls Run Their Daddies

LeBron James is more than just an outstanding athlete. He is a husband, father and, at will, Zhuri's foot rest.

Recently, NBA frontman LeBron James was spotted on wife Savannah's Instagram page, being a dad unbothered. Savannah shared a photo of their youngest child and only daughter, three-year-old Zhuri Nova, casually resting her foot on her dad's face:

Too cute! And while it may've been the the first time we saw Zhuri's feet on Bron's cheek, it wouldn't be the first time we witnessed Lebron wrapped around her finger.

Back in December, LeBron took a break in the middle of his game against the Chicago Bulls to hustle up some candy after Zhuri asked for some from the stands.

And not long ago, James jokingly commented that he can't "have anything" without going half with his little lady:

LeBron and Zhuri's sweet bond reminds us of a pattern we see in some of the most successful men in the NBA - that their little girls are the center of their world.

Take Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry and his oldest daughter, Riley. Back in 2015, a then three-year-old Riley joined Steph on a number of post-game press conferences, a result of which was Steph's inability to say, "No," to his mini-me:


"I was in the hallway walking past the family room, and my wife and daughter were sitting in there in the hallway. I told my wife I had to go do media, so I'd be right back, and... she had asked Riley if she wanted to go with me, and Riley had told her 'yes' before I even got around the corner. I was like, 'No, I'll just go do it real quick.' Then Riley gave me that look, like, 'No, I'm going with you.' She wasn't taking 'no' for an answer at that point."

And let's not forget Steph and Riley's father-daughter handshake, and pre-game ritual before games:

Just last week, retired Lakers player and father of three girls, Kobe Bryant, was spotted trying to watch the 2018 Super Bowl at home, but not without reading 1-year-old Bianka Bella Bryant a book on demand. And if you think Kobe didn't read that book while watching that game at the same (damn) time, think again!

That speed-reading though? Hilarious.

At the end of the day, these men may be the king of the court, but at home, their daughters are the queen of running things. How is it that someone so small could be the biggest thing in a man's world? We guess that's a secret best kept between a father and his daughter.

But it's beautiful to see these men debunk the myth that kids are a distraction, and instead, prove family is an integral part of their success, with their daughters being a major motivation.


To the world, these men are MVPs. But to their girls, they're "MVD's" (Most Valuable Dads).

And we're just enjoying the view of both.




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