The Barbie Pink Era Is Ushering In A New Hue With The Help Of This Sultry Shade
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The Barbie Pink Era Is Ushering In A New Hue With The Help Of This Sultry Shade

There’s something about the whimsicalness of February fashion month that’s different from its sister month in the fall. Kicking off with haute couture week in Paris, the spring ready-to-wear shows always inject new life into the fashion cycle every year - and this year was no different. The collections this season were all about longer hemlines, sexy draping, and neutral palettes, all without sacrificing glamour and opulence.

There was a sense of grown and sexy that exuded from the runways, with many designers doubling down on the looks that could be replicated effortlessly off the runway as well. Unlike previous years, a sense of renewal surrounded this fashion month, a nod to the continued democratization of the current fashion industry. Now, trends are curated and popularized by the people as much (if not in some cases more) than the designers.

Across the different cities, designers presented topical, holistic collections that screamed “quiet luxury” while staying loyal to their brand mission. Brandon Maxwell was rooted in abundant joy, consistency, and confidence; LaQuan Smith showcased evening suiting with a hint of retro-glamour and a suit-dress combo that was just insanely divine. Carolina Herrera expertly and beautifully combined the fantastical elements of fashion with realistic and stunning silhouettes to present a collection that wowed. Bruce Glen experimented with color and prints in an innovative way that is both chic and trendy.

For the majority of designers, 2023 is the year of letting go of forced trends and embracing the elements of style and fashion through their own lens.

Fashion month can be overwhelming with all the new trends burgeoning but it can also give you that boost of inspiration you need to refresh your personal style. Based on the forecasting from the month of shows, here are 4 of the biggest trends to rotate into your wardrobe this year.

A Dose Of Reality (vs Dopamine Dressing) 

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Last year our timelines were saturated with dopamine dressing, directly opposing the previous two years of athleisure. And while there’s always a reason to dress for the moment, an injection of dressing for the real world took over the streets and runways of fashion month.

With the emergence of “quiet luxury,” an under-the-radar approach to purchasing and styling luxury items, designers leaned in and presented classic tailoring, simple silhouettes, and overall very wearable staples compared to seasons past. This includes statement wide-leg trousers, deconstructed blazers, and modernized suiting with dynamic draping.

Long(er) Lines (vs Barely-There-Mini)

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With the rise of low-rise waistlines last fall came a correlated rise in sole-sweeping hemlines; a trend ever so present on the spring runways. From denim skirts to sheer trousers, hemlines were sweeping the ground and proving that the ultra-mini isn’t your only option. These trends will be particularly big in the fall with the addition of cooler temperatures and cascading layers.

Luscious Red (vs Barbiecore)

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Make no mistake, Barbie Pink has planted her flag sternly for 2023, thanks to the 2022 Barbiecore trend. But a new color has entered the chat this season, Luscious Red, and is on trend to be a major player in 2023. You couldn’t throw an invite without hitting a designer that highlighted dynamic hues of red throughout their collection. Whether it was an accessory, woven into the stitching of an item, or several looks styled head to toe (which was the case for many designers), designers embraced this color in a sexy, modern, and shockingly wearable way.

Cool Metallics (vs Eye-Catching Neons)

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

A direct influence from the Y2K nostalgia bandwagon, the cool metallics of years past are making a dedicated comeback in 2023. There were inklings of this trend present last year, on red carpets and with fashion trendsetters as they dabbled in metallic accessories. There was an explosion of monochromatic metallic looks from golden hues to rosy reds this year. The trend dominated street style and several runways of fashion month, an indication that this trend will be here for the foreseeable future.

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Featured image by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

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