The Moment Is Here: These Are The Color Trends Taking Over Spring 2023 Fresh From The Runway
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The Moment Is Here: These Are The Color Trends Taking Over Spring 2023 Fresh From The Runway

With fashion’s brightest season on the horizon, it’s high time we break out of our winter shells and take a peek at the color trends soon to take center stage. Last year, we saw spring 2023 runways from New York to Paris debuting unforgettable collections creating unwavering anticipation of sunshine and warm weather.

Brands such as Anonlychild made it easy to imagine a delicate yet bold color palette while brands such as Off-White used cooler hues for an edgier approach. Rich purple pigments from LaQuan Smith created images of American royalty while Loewe chose red as a power play. After a season or two of non-stop neutrals, it’s time to reset our warm-weather wardrobe with traditionally bold colors that have remained classics throughout time.

As winter slowly comes to an end, I revisited my favorite runway shows along with researching this year's Pantone trends to share the most obvious color palettes that will soon take over our everyday lives according to design and color experts. With the new season, we’re setting our sights on a variety of saturated, cool, and jewel tones as we embrace a brighter future ahead.


Albert Urso/Getty Images

One thing about yellow and its many variations is that it looks absolutely amazing on melanated skin tones. The spotlight of designer shows like Anonlychild, marigold was a common theme amongst the designer collection. From accents to accessories and full looks, there was a golden-esque quality to the show with styles gracefully illuminating the runway.

Pressed for Purple

JP Yim/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

Purple will soon have a moment no one saw coming. The underrated jewel tone embodies royalty and prestige, making a one-of-a-kind statement of high-class and sex appeal. Style with chrome accessories for a pop of metallics or for a modern take, stack oversized statement pieces such as acrylic bangles or oversized earrings.

Perfectly Pink

Taylor Hill/WireImage

Depicting the fruits of nature, the deep undertones of a bright and bold pink represent a soft and sweet version of femininity attracting those from all walks of life. Bold in its approach yet subtle in nature, this color was showcased in a number of collections from Aliétte Norma Kamali as well as Carolina Herrera. When styling pink this spring, go for a memorable monochromatic look from head to toe for a tastefully soft and sultry palette.

Better Blues

John Lamparski/Getty Images

Like purple, blue is soon to unexpectedly take over women’s ready-to-wear as one of spring's top color trends. Effortlessly cool, the anticipation of a bold hue for spring is high on my list of statement staples to collect this fall. Designers like Off-White perfectly styled its oversized transitional tailored silhouettes with sleek moto accessories and monochromatic features.

Whether a deep blue or royal hue, this pigment is the unexpected life force we needed. Contrast with black accents for an enticing feel to achieve an “it” girl aesthetic.

Seeing Red

JP Yim/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

Designers like Loewe proved that the power color will forever be red as the statement hue of the season. Interestingly enough primary colors took the top spot with designers implementing these timeless shades with red being a source of maximal style. Color blocking is also making a comeback for spring/summer coordinating tones such as red with yellow, or blue for a primary combination.

Freshly Lime Green

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for Tory Burch

There’s never a season when green doesn’t trend and this year it’s a refreshing lime shade of green with a boldly tropical feel. The highlight of spring, Sergio Hudson implemented lime green throughout his show leaving us wanting more than we could handle. While bright, this is the perfect shade to experiment with black accessories for a fashion-forward contrast as we transition from winter to fall.

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Featured image by Albert Urso/Getty Images

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